Master of Design for Sustainable Urban Environments—Two-Year Program

The two-year Master of Design for Sustainable Urban Environments (MDes-SUEN) is open to students entering with a bachelor’s degree in any field. The 64-credit program provides a full year of core skill sets including design; site analysis, implementation, and visualization; history/theory; and policy. This includes introduction to basic earthworks, water, and plants systems as well as the principles of landscape and urban ecology.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

SUEN 6110Graduate Studio 1: Sustainable Urban Sites6
SUEN 6120Graduate Studio 2: Sustainable Urban Systems6
SUEN 7130Master’s Research Studio: Design and the Resilient City6
SUEN 7140Master’s Research Studio: Master’s Project6
Cities: Design and Planning
SUEN 6310Cities, Nature, and Design in Contemporary History and Theory4
LPSC 7312Cities, Sustainability, and Climate Change4
Complete 8 semester hours from the following (repeatable) courses:8
Pro-Seminar: Issues in Designed Urban Environments
Topics in Urban Environmental Design
SUEN 6210Implementation and Visualization for Urban Environments 14
SUEN 6220Implementation and Visualization for Urban Environments 24
SUEN 7230Urban Ecologies and Technologies 14
SUEN 7240Urban Ecologies and Technologies 24


Electives in other disciplines may be taken in consultation with your faculty advisor.

Complete 8 semester hours from the following subject areas:8

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

64 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
SUEN 61106SUEN 61206Vacation0Vacation0
SUEN 62104SUEN 62204  
SUEN 63104LPSC 73124  
Elective (Required)4Elective (Required)4  
 18 18 0 0
Year 2
SUEN 71306SUEN 7140 (or co-op)*6  
SUEN 73204SUEN 7320 (or)4  
SUEN 72304  
Elective (Optional)4SUEN 72404  
 Elective (Optional)4  
 18 18  
Total Hours: 72

*Note: Students may opt to do a graduate co-op. Co-op does not count toward degree credits. 
Total credits required are 64 (with two optional electives, 72).