Master of Architecture—Three-Year Program—Advanced Degree Entrance

Open to candidates who do not have a BS in Architecture or equivalent but may have related degree. Students with some background in architecture may be eligible for advanced placement into the program. Advanced placement will be determined by an applicant’s transcript and portfolio.
Only select courses in the first year of the program will be waived. All waivers are at the discretion of the school and applicants may be required to provide documentation if they seek additional waivers (78–100 credits total based on waivers).

The minimum course work for all students in the first year of the program is:

  • Two studio courses (minimum 10 credits total)

  • Two graduate electives (minimum 8 credits total)

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

All advanced-entry students must complete a minimum of 10 semester hours per semester in the first year. Course waivers are determined by the faculty and students should consult with their advisor.


Courses listed below may be waived as determined by faculty advisor.

ARCH 2330Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1800 to 19104
ARCH 2340Architecture, Modernity, and the City, 1910 to 19804
Building, Design, and Environment
ARCH 2230Structural Systems (or)4
or ARCH 3362 Seminar Abroad
ARCH 2240Architectonic Systems4
ARCH 6100Graduate Skills Studio6

General Requirements

ARCH 5110Housing and Aggregation6
or ARCH 3155 Studio Abroad
ARCH 5120Comprehensive Design Studio6
ARCH 6200Graduate Studio 1: Architectural Design6
ARCH 7130Master’s Research Studio6
Professional Practice
ARCH 6430Case Studies 14
ARCH 6440Case Studies 24
Building, Design, and Environment
ARCH 3450Advanced Architectural Communication4
ARCH 5210Environmental Systems4
ARCH 5220Integrated Building Systems4
Topics and Seminar
ARCH 5310Design Tactics and Operations4
or ARCH 3361 Architecture and Urbanism Abroad
ARCH 6340Graduate Topics in Architecture (repeatable course to be taken twice)8
ARCH 6330Seminar in Modern Architecture4

Research Project

ARCH 7140Master’s Degree Project6


Required Electives
Complete 8 semester hours of non-ARCH courses.8
Additional Elective or Topics
Complete 8 semester hours of non-ARCH courses.8

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

78–104 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required

Year 1
ARCH 61006ARCH 62006
ARCH 2330 (and)4ARCH 52104
ARCH 53104
ARCH 22404Elective (required)4
Elective (required)4 
 18 18
Year 2
ARCH 2230 (and ARCH 2231 or)4ARCH 34504
ARCH 51206
ARCH 5110 (or)6ARCH 52204
ARCH 6340 (1 of 2)4
ARCH 2340 (or)4 
Elective (optional or)4 
 18 18
Year 3
ARCH 64304ARCH 6340 (2 of 2)4
ARCH 63304ARCH 64404
ARCH 71306ARCH 71406
Elective (optional)4 
 18 14
Total Hours: 104

Note: Only courses in year 1 may be waived. Course waivers at discretion of program director.