General Studies Program


Lynn Dornink, MA

1 Meserve Hall

The General Studies Program (GSP) is a full-year program for entering freshmen, offering a unique learning environment where faculty, advisors, and peer leaders provide guidance and support to ensure the students’ academic success. The GSP curriculum satisfies first-year academic requirements and is geared to students’ academic and career goals. Program benefits include a low student-advisor ratio, fall and spring critical-thinking seminars taught by the student’s GSP advisor, a learning community organizational model, a writing-intensive curriculum, and access to a nationally certified peer tutoring program. All majors have defined entrance requirements; therefore, beginning in September, GSP advisors work closely with students to guide them toward their intended majors’ requirements. Following the successful completion of the General Studies year, and the meeting of the major requirements, students enter one of the university’s seven undergraduate colleges with sophomore status in a specified major. Students may also choose to enter the Program for Undeclared Students with sophomore status. GSP students who have not met the academic progression standards for transitioning by the end of two semesters may continue in the GSP for an additional semester.

Academic Progression Standards

GSP students must meet the following criteria to successfully transition to sophomore standing:

  1. 2.000 GPA (individual program entrance requirements vary)
  2. 28 semester hours of credit (32 recommended)
  3. Successful completion of college/major transition requirements

For more details about transitioning to individual colleges, see below.

Transitioning to Major

For information about transitioning to majors across the university, see “Changing Majors.”

Academic Probation

Same as university standards.

University Withdrawal, Low Scholastic Performance

Same as university standards.