Specialized Entry Programs

Northeastern University offers admission and enrollment programs and opportunities that advance the university’s mission and help meet students’ needs. Students who apply for admission to Northeastern may be automatically offered direct entry into some of these programs or, in some cases, may be referred to other specialized entry programs. These selections are based on a holistic review of students’ applications. Northeastern continually assesses our specialized entry programs and opportunities, and additional programs and opportunities may become available while existing programs and opportunities may be modified. For a complete list of our specialized programs and opportunities, visit the specialized entry programs website

The N.U.in Program

Northeastern enrolls selected new students in the spring semester through The N.U.in Program. During the fall semester N.U.in participants study abroad at a partner institution earning transfer credit and enroll in classes as part of the Northeastern community in Boston in the spring. These transfer credits earned are guaranteed to be valid at Northeastern but might not be accepted by other institutions. For the most up-to-date information regarding The N.U.in Program, please refer to the program website.

General Studies Program

General Studies is a first-year program designed to help students build skills for academic success in their freshman year and beyond. General Studies students spend their freshman year immersed in a combination of first-year requirements, NUpath courses, and introductory courses for their intended major. See additional information.

Foundation Year

This first-year college program is designed for recent high school graduates and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) completers from the city of Boston who would benefit from a more structured and supportive first year in order to be successful in the rest of their college career. Foundation Year offers students rigorous academic and career preparation as well as wraparound support services that include advising, tutoring, mentoring, social networking, and work-ready skill development.  Visit the Foundation Year page of this catalog for additional information.

Torch Scholars Program

The Torch Scholars Program is a comprehensive support program for first-generation college students who have already succeeded against the odds but who have not yet reached their full academic potential. After a holistic review and thorough interview process, selected Torch Scholars are granted admission to the university and awarded a full-tuition, fees, and room-and-board scholarship for our Summer Immersion Program and eight subsequent semesters of undergraduate study.

NU Bound

NU Bound is a first-year college program for non–U.S. citizens that provides rigorous academics and acculturation support to ensure a smooth transition to Northeastern in the student’s second year. Please note, NU Bound provides a conditional offer of admission to Northeastern upon successful completion of the program.

NU Immerse

NU Immerse is a transitional experience for students who require English-language preparation and are looking to earn credit while gaining an introduction to the American education system and college culture. Students will enroll in the College of Professional Studies during the first year. Students will improve language and academic skills through a specially designed two-semester curriculum. NU Immerse offers conditional admission to undergraduate degree programs upon successful completion of the program.