Respiratory Care Leadership, MS

Emerging environmental issues, recent technological advances, and a growing elderly population are escalating the need for skilled respiratory therapists. To be successful, today’s respiratory care leaders must be skilled educators, practitioners, and case managers. In response, Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies has developed the Master of Science in Respiratory Care Leadership.

Created for practicing respiratory therapists, this master’s degree in respiratory care incorporates an action-learning approach that seeks to build leadership competencies and to advance your clinical knowledge. Core respiratory care courses cover areas such as advanced cardiopulmonary physiology and research design. In addition, you have the opportunity to focus your studies in one of four concentrations: adult and organizational learning, clinical trial design, health management, and respiratory specialty practice.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Respiratory Care Courses

RPT 7200Advanced Cardiopulmonary Physiology4
RPT 7205The Evolving Roles of Respiratory Care Professionals4
RPT 7210Research Design4
RPT 7215Applied Research in Respiratory Care4
RPT 7300Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Respiratory Care Protocols4
RPT 7305Development of Patient Management Plans4

Required Leadership Courses

Complete two of the following:6-12
Developing Your Leadership Capability
Leading Teams
Ethical Leadership
Strategy Development and Implementation


Complete one of the following concentrations:1

Adult and Organizational Learning 

Complete four of the following:16
Culture, Equity, Power, and Influence
The Landscape of Higher Education
Faculty, Curriculum, and Academic Community
Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, Success
How People Learn
Technology as a Medium for Learning
The Demographics of Higher Education
Respiratory Therapist Education

Clinical Trial Design 

Complete four of the following:16
Human Experimentation: Methodological Issues Fundamentals
Validation and Auditing of Clinical Trial Information
Clinical Trial Design Optimization and Problem Solving
The Business of Medicine and Biotechnology
Introduction to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Pharmaceutical Regulation
Introduction to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Medical Device Regulation
Medical Device Development: A Regulatory Overview
Emerging Trends and Issues in the Medical Device Industry

Health Management 

Complete five of the following:15
Organization, Administration, Financing, and History of Healthcare
Human Resource Management in Healthcare
Healthcare Strategic Management
Principles of Population-Based Management
Healthcare Information Systems Management
Health Law, Politics, and Policy
Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
Promoting Nonprofit Organizations
Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations

Respiratory Specialty Practice 

Complete the following:
RPT 7400Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders4
RPT 7401Cardiopulmonary Assessment and Diagnostics4
RPT 7402Adult Critical Care4
RPT 7403Neonatal and Pediatric Care4

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

45 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required