Law And Policy, DLP

Public servants, executives, and managers operate in an increasingly complex global environment. A doctoral education seeks to provide the policy, analytic, and research skills necessary to advance one’s career.

Developed jointly by the College of Professional Studies and Northeastern’s Law and Public Policy program, the Doctor of Law and Policy program (DLP) is designed for experienced professionals who are interested in the origins, development, implementation, and analysis of legal and public policy decisions in government and related institutions. The program prepares students to advance their careers within a variety of fields while focusing their thesis research on a precise law and policy topic.

Students undertake the DLP in order to understand the ways in which public and related institutions formulate and execute policy. Students have the opportunity to develop the ability to interpret and assess the research of others, to acquire skills as researchers, and to communicate their knowledge to a wide range of audiences. Those who successfully complete the degree are equipped to bring their skills and knowledge to senior policy and management positions in government, nonprofit agencies, research organizations, consulting firms, and corporations.

The DLP program is structured so course work and the doctoral thesis can be completed in two years. Classes meet one weekend per month in Boston, and the learning continues online throughout the rest of the month.

Northeastern University also offers a traditional PhD in Law, Policy, and Society. To learn more, visit the Law and Public Policy program website

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Required Courses

LWP 6118Historical Foundations of American Law2
LWP 6119Current Law and Policy Debates: Our Nation’s Capital and Beyond2
LWP 6120Law and Legal Reasoning 12
LWP 6401Law and Policy Concepts 1: The Policy Making Process2
LWP 6424Research Methods2
LWP 6121Law and Legal Reasoning 22
LWP 6402Law and Policy Concepts 2: Strategizing for Public Policy2
LWP 6423Qualitative Methods2
LWP 6122Law and Legal Reasoning 32
LWP 6403Law and Policy Concepts 3: Policy Case Studies2
LWP 6420Quantitative Methods2
LWP 6123Law and Legal Reasoning 42
LWP 6410Economics for Policy Analysis2
LWP 6404Evaluation Research2
LWP 6431Political and Moral Ethics and Dilemmas2
LWP 6500Doctoral Research Design 12
LWP 6450Public Policy Theory and Practice 12
LWP 6501Doctoral Research Design 22
LWP 6451Public Policy Theory and Practice 22
LWP 6502Doctoral Research Design 32
LWP 6452Public Policy Theory and Practice 32
LWP 6503Doctoral Research Design 46

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

48 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required