Regulations Applying only to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs

Committee in Charge of the Graduate Student’s Degree Program

The committee in charge of the graduate student’s degree program is that body charged with overseeing all academic and administrative matters relating to the program. This committee will be a departmental or, in the case of colleges without departments, a college committee.

PhD Dissertation Committees

No dissertation committee shall have fewer than three faculty members, two of whom shall be from Northeastern University. The chair of the dissertation committee will be a full-time tenured or tenure-track member of the faculty of Northeastern University and will hold an appropriate doctorate. A research faculty member may chair a dissertation committee if he or she holds an appropriate doctorate and has received the approval to do so from the tenured and tenure-track faculty members of the unit(s) in which his or her appointment resides.

If a student’s major advisor leaves Northeastern, that person may continue the research direction of the dissertation or thesis. However, a co-advisor must be appointed from the academic department or program. The student will then have two advisors, one an official member of the Northeastern faculty who will be available for research and administrative matters and the ex-Northeastern advisor. If a new major advisor is appointed, the ex-Northeastern faculty member may serve as an outside member of the committee.

The PhD committee should be appointed early enough to advise in the formulation of the student’s program and in refining the research topic for the dissertation. Within the constraints of the above criteria, the PhD program faculty will determine the process by which dissertation committees are established. The final list of dissertation committee members shall be reported to the associate dean for graduate education.

Each PhD student shall have an annual review of his or her progress toward the degree. A copy of the review shall be submitted to the student.

After reaching candidacy, students must register for Dissertation for a minimum of two semesters in order to fulfill their formal residency requirement. Continuation status enrollment is for students who are postcandidacy, have completed all course work, and are actively engaged in completing a thesis or dissertation.