Computer Science, MSCS—ALIGN Program

MSCS-Align students come from a wide variety of backgrounds—with undergraduate majors ranging from math, biology, history, engineering, and classics. In this program, students have an opportunity to acquire both the knowledge needed to transition into a new career and the practical skills to build the next great app. In this program, students may learn to:

  • Develop the ability to recognize and solve problems arising in modern computing
  • Assimilate ideas and concepts from theoretical studies and hands-on design and programming
  • Acquire skills in software and application design, network infrastructure, and other dynamic and emerging computer science areas

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

ALIGN Course Work
CS 5001
and CS 5003
Intensive Foundations of Computer Science
and Recitation for CS 5001
Discrete Structures
CS 5002Discrete and Data Structures4
Object-Oriented Design
CS 5004
and CS 5005
Object-Oriented Design
and Recitation for CS 5004
Addtional ALIGN courses
CS 5006Algorithms2
CS 5007Computer Systems2
CS 5500Managing Software Development4
or CS 5600 Computer Systems
CS 5800Algorithms4


Complete 20 semester hours from the following. A minimum of 8 semester hours must be taken from the same specialization.20
CS 6110 to CS 6810
Master’s Project
Artificial Intelligence
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Science and Systems
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Advanced Machine Learning
Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Computer-Human Interface
Computer/Human Interaction
Empirical Research Methods
Advanced Machine Learning
Database Management
Database Management Systems
Machine Learning
Information Retrieval
Data Mining Techniques
Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing
Special Topics in Database Management
Game Design
Game Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics
Computer/Human Interaction
Building Game Engines
Advanced Machine Learning
Computer Graphics
Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Mobile Application Development
Information Security
Software Vulnerabilities and Security
Network Security
Cryptography and Communications Security
Privacy, Security, and Usability
Special Topics in Software Engineering
Fundamentals of Computer Networking
Wireless Network
Network Security
Cryptography and Communications Security
Privacy, Security, and Usability
Seminar in Computer Security
Special Topics in Networks
Programming Languages
Principles of Programming Language
Advanced Software Development
Special Topics in Programming Language
Software Engineering
Web Development
Advanced Software Development
Building Scalable Distributed Systems
Special Topics in Software Engineering
Network Security
Special Topics in Computer Systems
Cryptography and Communications Security
Application of Information Theory
Theory of Computation
Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

44 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required