Creative Practice Leadership, MS

Daniel Strong Godfrey, PhD
Professor and Chair, Program Coordinator

351 Ryder Hall
617.373.4129 (fax)

Through a series of four transdisciplinary core courses and four discipline-weighted, student-selected electives in the performing and visual arts, the M.S. in Creative Practice Leadership offers a two-semester, intensive, Masters-level program of training in and exploration of new approaches to leadership in the fields of critical creative practice, cultural entrepreneurship and innovation in the arts and entertainment industries. Grounded in a broadly interdisciplinary approach, the goal is to enable administrators and practitioners in the creative professions to become transformational leaders and change agents for a rapidly evolving cultural environment.

The M.S. in Creative Practice Leadership engages administration, curation, advocacy and other forms of cultural communication and intermediation from the point of view that creative practice leadership must become more than an outwardly successful business or administrative exercise; such leadership must re-examine past assumptions about and envision new parameters for how success is defined. The ethos underlying the design of courses in this program is that leadership in the arts and creative industries brings a responsibility to the progress, vitality and sustainability of the world that those creative enterprises seek to embrace, a responsibility that requires critical thinking and deeply thoughtful exploration, along with the skills necessary for implementation.

JD/MS Option

The JD/MS in Creative Practice Leadership is a dual-degree program that offers students a variety of opportunities for real-world, experiential learning at the intersection of law and music business. Candidates for the JD/MS program must independently apply and gain admission to the School of Law and the College of Arts, Media and Design. Admission to one school does not ensure admission to the other. Candidates may apply to both schools prior to matriculation at the law school, or students may wait until they are enrolled in the School of Law before seeking admission to the College of Arts, Media and Design. During either the first or second year of law school, students may apply to the MS program during the winter or spring for enrollment the following September. Students enrolled in law school who are interested in pursuing this dual degree should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and Professor Kara Swanson, JD/MS faculty advisor, during the fall or winter of their first or second year for further information.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

INAM 6100Critical Foundations of Creative Practice Leadership4
INAM 6200Topics in Communication Strategies4
INAM 6210Projects in Creative Practice Leadership4
INAM 6300Models for Applied Inquiry in Creative Practice4


Complete 16 semester hours in the following subject areas in consultation with your advisor:16
AACE, ARTG, ARTH, COMM, INAM, JRNL, MUSI, THTR, 5000 level or above

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

32 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required

Sample One Year, No Co-op

Year 1
INAM 61004INAM 62104
INAM 62004INAM 63004
 16 16
Total Hours: 32

Sample Two Year, One Co-op

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
INAM 61004INAM 62104Elective4Co-op
INAM 62004INAM 63004  
 16 8 4 0
Year 2
Total Hours: 32