Graduate Student Classification

Regular Student

Those students who are admitted to a degree program.

Conditional Student

Students whose admissions files are missing documentation. Conditional students must submit the requested documentation, to the satisfaction of College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) graduate studies, no later than the completion of their first month of study. Once the documentation has been submitted, the student’s status will be reevaluated.

Provisional Student

Students whose academic records do not qualify them for acceptance as regular students. Provisional students must obtain a B (3.000) average in the first 9 semester hours of study or meet specifically delineated departmental requirements to qualify for full acceptance to a degree program. Provisional students are not eligible for awards or financial aid.

Special Student

Special students are enrolled on a part-time basis (no more than 6 semester hours per semester). Credit can be earned for a maximum of 9 semester hours over time. Students interested in taking more than 9 semester hours must make a formal application to the degree program. Use the Internal Admission Application Notification form. Special students who do not register for four consecutive semesters (excluding summer semester) will be subject to review and possible withdrawal by CAMD graduate studies.