The Graduate Student Government  represents graduate students at Northeastern University, serving as a liaison among the administration, faculty, staff, and students. The role of the GSG is to address the professional, financial, social, and representative needs of the graduate community as follows:

  • Seeks to improve the quality of graduate student life, academic affairs, and research
  • Offers access to professional development resources and networking
  • Facilitates cooperation among the graduate student groups and organizations
  • Distributes the graduate activity fee
  • Sponsors graduate orientation programs
  • Fosters interdepartmental and intercultural communication and appoints graduate representatives to serve on university committees
  • Offers students individual financial assistance for conferences and for project/certificate funding

All graduate students and full-time College of Professional Studies graduate students affiliated with the Boston campus are eligible to be part of the GSG Senate. Representatives from the eight graduate schools, the professional schools, and CPS assist the executive board in the affairs of this governing organization. The senate meets regularly during the fall and spring semesters, and all meetings are open to all students.