Rhetoric, Minor

In the interdisciplinary rhetoric minor, students take courses in both English and communication studies to explore the ways that symbols work to influence thought and action. The minor gives students a foundation in the classical tradition, which developed rhetoric as the art of speaking necessary for participation in democratic societies in a range of forums such as political assemblies, law courts, and public ceremonies. Students also consider contemporary theories and practices that broaden rhetoric’s scope to include any form of human discourse that persuades others, creates knowledge, or shapes identity and culture

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Three of the four total classes must be taken at Northeastern.

Note: For communication studies students, only two courses from this minor also count toward communication studies major requirements. Additional courses taken for this minor do not count toward communication studies major requirements.

Required Elective

ENGL 1160Introduction to Rhetoric4
or COMM 1210 Persuasion and Rhetoric


Note: For English majors, only one course from the major may also count toward this elective section of the minor.
Complete four of the following:16
Legal Argumentation, Advocacy, and Citizenship
Great Speakers and Speeches 2, 1930–Present
Communication Criticism
Free Speech: Law and Practice
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Rhetoric of Law
The Practice and Theory of Teaching Writing
Research in Rhetoric and Writing

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor