Marine Biology, Minor

The marine biology minor is designed to provide Northeastern undergraduates with a strong foundation in marine biology and related disciplines. The minor has a strong hands-on component involving course work, marine biology research projects, and marine-related co-ops.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.


This minor is not available for students who major in biology or any combined major that involves biology. Biology majors interested in marine biology should consider the major in marine biology.

Required Courses

BIOL 1111
and BIOL 1112
General Biology 1
and Lab for BIOL 1111
or BIOL 1107
and BIOL 1108
Foundations of Biology
and Lab for BIOL 1107
BIOL 1113
and BIOL 1114
General Biology 2
and Lab for BIOL 1113

Elective Courses

Complete three of the following:7-15
Invertebrate Zoology
and Lab for EEMB 2616
Marine Biology
and Lab for EEMB 2700
Biology of Corals
Biology and Ecology of Fishes
Marine Birds and Mammals
and Lab for EEMB 5508
Tropical Terrestrial Ecology
and Lab for EEMB 5516
Ocean and Coastal Processes
Coral Reef Ecology
Experimental Design Marine Ecology
and Lab for EEMB 5522
Marine Conservation Biology
Physiological and Molecular Marine Ecology
Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Botany
and Lab for EEMB 5534
Ocean and Coastal Sustainability
Diving Research Methods

Supporting Courses

To provide breadth of knowledge, complete one additional science course in the BIOL, CHEM, ENVR, or PHYS subject areas or from the following:4
Biological Psychology

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor