Public Health, Minor

The minor in public health is designed for undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines who wish to explore key components of public health including the basic components of the U.S. healthcare system, core values and concepts of public health, public health analytic methods, and the social determinants of health. The minor is comprised of five courses for a minimum of 18 semester hours. The four required courses focus on the key components of public health and the remaining course is an elective from the provided list. Through the elective course, students can explore policy, healthcare management and delivery, research methods, health communication, nutrition and exercise, health disparities, and environmental health.  

Note: This minor is not open to students majoring in the Bachelor of Science in Health Science or those pursuing a combined major with health science. 

Required Courses
PHTH 1260The American Healthcare System4
or PHTH 1261 Comparative Healthcare Systems
PHTH 2350Community and Public Health4
or PHTH 2351 Community and Public Health - Global
PHTH 2210Foundations of Biostatistics4
or ECON 2350 Statistics
or ENVR 2500 Biostatistics
or MATH 2280 Statistics and Software
or MATH 3081 Probability and Statistics
or MGSC 2301 Business Statistics
or PHMD 3450 Research Methodology and Biostatistics
or PSYC 2320 Statistics in Psychological Research
PHTH 4202Principles of Epidemiology in Medicine and Public Health4
Complete one course from the lists below:3-4
Nutrition and Wellness
Introduction to Exercise, Fitness, and Health
Human Nutrition
Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
Nutrition Service Learning
Communication Skills for the Health Professions
Communication Skills for the Health Professions—Global
Health Education and Program Planning
Policy and Administration
Healthcare Policy and Administration
Healthcare Management
Critical Issues in Health and Public-Health Policy
Society and Health
Society and Health
Society and Health
Introduction to Global Health
Environmental Health
Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health
Research Methods
Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
Community-Based Participatory Research: Environmental Health

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor