Health Science, BS

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified and complete any additional courses needed beyond specific college and major requirements to satisfy graduation credit requirements.

University-Wide Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the University-Wide Requirements.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

PHTH 1260The American Healthcare System4
or PHTH 1261 Comparative Healthcare Systems
HSCI 1000College: An Introduction1
BIOL 1111
and BIOL 1112
General Biology 1
and Lab for BIOL 1111
BIOL 1113
and BIOL 1114
General Biology 2
and Lab for BIOL 1113
MATH 1241Calculus 14
PSYC 1101Foundations of Psychology4
Complete one of the following:5
General Chemistry for Health Sciences
and Lab for CHEM 1101
General Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHEM 1211
and Recitation for CHEM 1211
Complete one of the following:5
Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences
and Lab for CHEM 1104
General Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHEM 1214
and Recitation for CHEM 1214
ENGW 1111First-Year Writing (grade of C or higher is required)4
PHTH 2350Community and Public Health4
Complete one of the following:4
Foundations of Biostatistics
and Recitation for PHTH 2210
Statistics and Software
Complete two of the following:10
Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Lab for BIOL 1117
Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Lab for BIOL 1119
Organic Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHEM 2311 (Organic Chemistry 1 and Lab for CHEM2311)
Organic Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHEM 2313
Physics for Life Sciences 1
and Lab for PHYS 1145 (Physics for the Life Science 1 and lab for PHYS1145)
Physics for Life Sciences 2
and Lab for PHYS 1147 (Physics for the Life Science 2 and lab for PHYS1147)
Genetics and Molecular Biology
and Lab for BIOL 2301
and Lab for BIOL 2321
BIOL 2323
and BIOL 2324

Complete one of the following:4
Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
Nutrition Service Learning
HSCI 2000Professional Development for Bouvé Co-op1
PHTH 2300Communication Skills for the Health Professions4
or PHTH 2301 Communication Skills for the Health Professions—Global
HLTH 5450Healthcare Research4
PHIL 1165Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare4
ENGW 3306Advanced Writing in the Health Professions4
PHTH 4511Healthcare Management4
or NRSG 4611 Managing and Leading in Healthcare—An International Perspective
PHTH 4515Health Policy: Public Health in Crisis4
HSCI 4700Health Science Capstone Introduction0
PHTH 4120Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health4
PHTH 4540Health Education and Program Planning4
Complete one of the following:4
Health Science Capstone
Health Science Capstone—Service
Health Science Capstone—Research


Complete ten general electives.40
It is strongly recommended that preclinical students take the following course as one of their electives:
Basic Skills for the Healthcare Professional
and Lab for HLTH 1200

Health Science Major Grade Requirement

A grade of C or higher is required in all health science courses (HLTH, HSCI, and PHTH subject areas).

Program Requirement

135 total semester hours required

Five years, two co-ops

Year 1
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
PSYC 11014BIOL 11134Vacation0Vacation0
HSCI 10001BIOL 11141  
BIOL 11114CHEM 12144  
BIOL 11121CHEM 12151  
MATH 12414CHEM 12160  
CHEM 12114ENGW 11114  
CHEM 12121PHTH 12604  
CHEM 12130   
 19 18 0 0
Year 2
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
PHTH 23504HSCI 11054Vacation0Co-op0
BIOL 1117 or CHEM 23114Elective4  
BIOL 1118 or CHEM 23121BIOL 1119 or CHEM 23134  
MATH 22804BIOL 1120 or /CHEM 2314/PHYS 1148/BIOL 2302/2322/23241  
Elective4HLTH 1200 (or elective)2  
HSCI 20001HLTH 1201 (or elective)1  
 18 16 0 0
Year 3
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
Co-op0PHTH 23004Vacation0Vacation0
 ENGW 33064  
 0 16 0 0
Year 4
FallHoursSpringHoursSummer 1HoursSummer 2Hours
PHIL 11654Co-op0Co-op0Vacation0
HLTH 54504   
 16 0 0 0
Year 5
PHTH 51203HSCI 4720 or 47304  
PHTH 55404PHTH 45154  
Elective4PHTH 45114  
HSCI 47000   
 15 16  
Total Hours: 134