NEC/NU Joint Certificate Program—Professional Studies Certificate in Music Performance

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Also complete any corequisite labs, recitations, clinicals, or tools courses where specified.

Northeastern University Requirements

Complete 22 credits of course work at Northeastern University as indicated below.

Music Theory and Musicianship Placement
All students must take a theory placement exam. Students who do not place into MUSC 1201 or MUSI 1203 must first take the following course:
MUSC 1119Fundamentals of Western Music Theory4
Credits for MUSC 1119 do not count toward the certificate.
Music Theory and Musicianship 1
MUSC 1201
and MUSC 1241
Music Theory 1
and Musicianship 1
MUSC 1202
and MUSC 1242
Music Theory 2
and Musicianship 2
Music History
Complete four credits from the following:4
Survey of African-American Music
Music of the USA
Rock Music
Medieval and Renaissance Music
Music of the Baroque Era
Music of the Classical Era
Music of the Romantic Era
Twentieth-Century Music
Note: Since the following course is repeatable, music majors and combined majors may count the credits for the second time they take this course toward the music performance certificate:
Historical Traditions: Special Topics
Complete six music ensembles:6
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Rock Ensemble
Blues/Rock Ensemble
Create Your Own Music
Chamber Ensemble
Contemporary Music Ensemble
Jazz Choir and Combo
World Music Ensemble
Fusion Ensemble
Pep Band
World Fusion Ensemble
Recital Preparation and Performance
MUSC 3410Recital 11
MUSC 4622Recital 21

Music majors with a concentration in music industry may substitute Music Theory for Music Industry 1 (MUSI 1203) for Music Theory 1 (MUSC 1201) and Analyzing Popular Genres (MUSI 1204) for Musicianship 1 (MUSC 1241).

New England Conservatory Requirements

Complete 26 credits of course work at New England Conservatory School of Continuing Education as indicated below.

Private Studio Instruction
Complete 16 credits of (repeatable) private studio instruction with New England Conservatory School of Continuing Education faculty. These credits may be accumulated in units of 2, 3, or 4 credits per semester. All private lessons require audition byNEC/NU faculty in order to assign private teacher placement. After being placed with a private teacher, and working with their certificate advisor, students must confirm with that teacher the length and number of lessons they will receive. 16
Music Instruction (2 credits)
Music Instruction (3 credits)
Music Instruction (4 credits)
Music Technology
MPNC 1201Contemporary Music Production and Technology 11
Complete seven credits from the following:7
Build Your Voice: Art/Skillful Singing
Jazz Ear Training 1
Jazz Theory 1
Finale Chart Writing
Jazz History 1
Introduction to Music-in-Education
Group Piano Class
The Art of Musical Sight-Reading
The Art of Practice and Performance
Developing Perfect Pitch 1
The Accidental Music Teacher: From Musical Artist to Creative Educator
Sight-Singing for Singers
Introduction to Composition 1
Contemporary Improvisation: Skill Building
Contemporary Improvisation: Music of the World—The African Diaspora
Art and Soul of Cinema: An Appreciation of Film Music
Latin American Classical Traditions 1
Jazz Ear Training 2
Jazz Theory 2
Jazz Composition and Analysis
Jazz History 2
Music-in-Education Seminar
Models for Teaching and Learning for Music-in-Education
Art and Science of Assessing Music Learning
Music, Brain Development, and Learning
Cross-Cultural Alternatives for Music-in-Education
Teaching and Learning with Music Technology
Improvisation in Music Education
String Pedagogy
Performing Artists in Schools
Music Production for Media
Piano Pedagogy
Developing Perfect Pitch 2
Advanced Perfect Pitch
Bach/Handel Arias for Singers
Introduction to Composition 2
Latin American Classical Traditions 2
Jazz Ear Training 3
Jazz Theory 3
Jazz Arranging
Piano Interpretation/Performance Seminar
Eighteenth-Century Tonal Counterpoint
Modal Counterpoint
Dramatic Coaching of Songs and Arias
Vocal Repertoire: Coaching and Performance
Composition Seminar 1
Composition Seminar 2
Jazz Ear Training 4
Jazz Theory 4
Music-in-Education Guided Internship
Music-in-Education Portfolio
Complete two music ensembles:2
Baroque Ensemble
NEC Voices: A New Choral Experience
Renaissance Ensemble
Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble: Walking between Worlds
Guitar Ensemble 1
Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Music Ensemble
Chamber Music Duo
Vocal Chamber Music
Improvisation and Composition Ensemble
Medieval Folk Roots Ensemble
Opera Ensemble Skills