Organizational Communication, Fast-Track (transition)

This program is not open for entry for the 2016–2017 year.

Students must work with the program director for this program.

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication offers students the opportunity to obtain the ability to communicate efficiently, effectively, and accurately. Through their course work, students will gain practical experience in effective communication skills by developing both written and oral communication within the context of their professional concentration. These include persuasive presentations, oral and written reports, and communications directed at particular audiences. Students have the opportunity to work with new technologies that are directed toward effective communications.

Graduates of the program may pursue careers in areas such as public relations, print and social media, and marketing and sales. Graduates may also pursue careers in areas within organizations that rely heavily on an understanding of effective communication, such as the management of teams and of human resources.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Minimum Transfer Credit Required: 60 SH

Term 1Hours
CMN 11003
ENG 3107
and ENG 3108
HST 12503
LDR 12003
Term 2Hours
CMN 23103
CMN 33403
MGT 23103
PHL 21203
Term 3Hours
CMN 31003
CMN 33603
HRM 23203
SOC 21003
Term 4Hours
CMN 33303
CMN 34003
CMN 42203
HST 11503
Term 5Hours
CMN 33503
CMN 48503
CMN 49552
Complete 3 semester hours of POL electives.3
Total Hours: 60

Total Fast-Track Credit: 60 SH