Information Technology, Fast-Track

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to promote career advancement and pursue advanced degrees in information technology and to provide the critical-thinking and information technology skills needed by local, national, and global employers.

Students have the opportunity to develop strengths in the analysis, applied design, development, implementation, and management of modern information technology systems. Courses cover the critical technology areas of programming for traditional, web, and mobile applications and for networking, database, and information security. The curriculum also includes courses focused on key business areas needed to integrate and manage technology and technology projects in the workplace.

Students may develop the technical and problem-solving skills that allow them to pursue careers in the professional areas of applications development, web and multimedia design, systems and network administration, database administration, and business analysis.

Minimum degree-applicable transfer credits for this accelerated program is 60 semester hours.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

This is a typical plan of study.

Minimum Transfer Credit Required: 60 semester hours

Term 1Hours
ENG 3105
and ENG 3106
MGT 11003
MGT 23103
ITC 20003
Term 2Hours
ITC 24003
ITC 11003
CET 22003
PHL 21003
Term 3Hours
ITC 33203
ITC 33003
ITC 32203
ITC 42003
Term 4Hours
ITC 31003
ITC 34003
ITC 45003
ITC 48403
Term 5Hours
ITC 48503
ITC 46003
Major elective3
Total Hours: 60