Technical Communication, BS (transition)

This program is not open for entry for the 2016–2017 year.

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication offers students an opportunity to develop the skills needed to craft scientific, technical, and business communication in diverse formats.

This program is built on a foundation of writing, communication, and technical skills. Courses address effective writing, along with technical communication skills such as proposal writing, writing for the regulatory agencies, and software technical writing. Through required courses and elective courses, students may focus in an area or industry of particular interest to them.

Graduates of the program may pursue careers as technical writers, technical editors, freelance communications specialists, and publications managers.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Courses

37 semester hours required

ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
College Writing 1
and Lab for ENG 1105
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
College Writing 2
and Lab for ENG 1107
ENG 2105
and ENG 2106
Writing Workshop
and Lab for ENG 2105
ENG 3107
and ENG 3108
Writing for the Professions: Business and the Social Sciences
and Lab for ENG 3107
Course satisfying Engaging Difference and Diversity core3
PHL 2120Ethical Issues in Communication3
Course satisfying Engaging with the Natural and Designed World core3
MTH 1100College Algebra3
MTH 2310Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences3
Course satisfying Understanding Societies and Institutions core3
ITC 1000Computer Applications3
or ITC 2016 End-User Data Analysis Tools

Foundation Courses

12 semester hours required

PHL 2310Symbolic Logic3
Humanities and Social Science Electives
Complete 9 semester hours from the following subject areas:9
CJS, HST, HSV, POL, PSY, SOC, ART, CMN, ENG, JRN, PHL, or a modern foreign language

Major Courses

30 semester hours required

Required Courses
TCC 2200Introduction to Technical Writing3
TCC 3210Technical Editing3
Elective Courses—Group 1
Complete 15 semester hours from the following:15
Technical Promotional Writing
Writing for the Web
Proposal and Grant Writing
Writing for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
Digital and Social Communication Technologies
Typography: Communicating Content with Form
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Desktop Publishing
Elective Courses—Group 2
Complete 9 semester hours from the following:9
Principles of Biology 1
and Lab for BIO 1100
General Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHM 1100
Technology and Applications of Discrete Mathematics
Computer Engineering Programming and Analysis
Introduction to Programming Java
Web and Mobile Development
Web Design and Multimedia
Science, Technology, and Society
Literature, Technology and Culture


Complete a minimum of 41 semester hours to reach 120 semester hours.