Public Affairs, BS (transition)

This program is not open for entry for the 2016–2017 year.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs is designed to prepare students for careers in the government and private and nonprofit sectors, focusing on public policy issues.

Through specialized course work, students have the opportunity to study the political, socioeconomic, economic, demographic, legal, and ethical issues that confront policymakers. Course work also includes an understanding of government structures and processes at all levels of government—regionally, nationally, and internationally—and how governments interact and intersect with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Emphasis is placed on developing the communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills needed to address societal issues.

Graduates of the program may pursue careers in all aspects of public policy working for government agencies, nongovernment organizations, and the private sector.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Courses

30 semester hours required

ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
College Writing 1
and Lab for ENG 1105
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
College Writing 2
and Lab for ENG 1107
ENG 2105
and ENG 2106
Writing Workshop
and Lab for ENG 2105
Course satisfying Engaging Difference and Diversity core3
ITC 1000Computer Applications3
or ITC 2016 End-User Data Analysis Tools
MTH 1100College Algebra3
MTH 2310Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences3
PHL 2120Ethical Issues in Communication3
Course satisfying Engaging the Natural and Designed World core3

Foundation Courses

30 semester hours required

Required Courses
Complete 30 semester hours from the following courses:30
Principles of Macroeconomics
The World Since 1945
Comparative Politics
State and Local Government
Introduction to Sociology
Power, Poverty, and Social Change
Organizational Communication
Professional Speaking
Principles of Microeconomics
Complete 3 semester hours from the POL subject area.

Major Courses

12 semester hours required

Required Courses
Complete 12 semester hours from the following courses:12
American Government
Political Parties and Interest Groups
Civil Liberties
Comparative Economic Systems
Health Law and Regulation
Social and Political Philosophy
American Foreign Policy
Race and Ethnicity


Complete one of the specializations listed below.
Note: Specializations in this program are recommended groupings of courses designed to provide additional content focus. Students may choose to create their own special focus by selecting other courses in the College of Professional Studies.

12 semester hours required

Specialization in International Affairs
Complete 12 semester hours from the following courses:12
Survey of Political Thought
Intercultural Communication
The World Since 1945
Democracy in Comparative Politics
International Relations
American Foreign Policy
International Conflict and Negotiation
Prelaw Specialization
Complete 12 semester hours from the following courses:12
Survey of Political Thought
Business Law
Health Law and Regulation
American History 1: Precontact to the Civil War
American History 2: Reconstruction to the Present
Ethical Issues in Communication
Symbolic Logic
Specialization in Public Administration
Complete 12 semester hours from the following courses:12
Assessing Your Leadership Capacity
Introduction to Business
Survey of Political Thought
Science, Technology, and Society
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Foundations of Healthcare Management
Human Resources Management
Financial Accounting
Public Relations Basics and Practice
Politics and Mass Media
Specialization in Public Health
Complete 12 semester hours from the following courses:12
Survey of Political Thought
Natural Disasters: Evaluating Risk, Minimizing Loss
Public Health
Introduction to Human Services
Engaging Difference and Diversity
Drugs and Society
Death and Dying
Custom Specialization
Create a focus by taking 12 semester hours in an area of interest.12


Complete a minimum of 36 semester hours to reach 120 semester hours.