Health Science, BS (transition)

Students who matriculated prior to fall 2016 may either follow this curriculum or the new curriculum under "Lowell Institute Programs."

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science seeks to help develop competent professionals who combine a solid understanding of the science underlying healthcare with the principles of healthcare management. Courses in biology, microbiology, chemistry, pharmacology, and pathophysiology provide an understanding of the science of the human body. These courses may be combined with courses in the management of healthcare organizations; health law; public health; or, for students interested in a medical career, additional science courses.

The program seeks to provide preparation for a career in healthcare management in a community, hospital, or private-sector setting or for graduate school for advanced training in areas such as medicine, nursing, and public health.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

University-Wide Requirement

Minimum 120 total semester hours required

Minimum 2.000 GPA required

Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Note: Individual program requirements may exceed the above minima.

Core Courses

33 semester hours required

ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
College Writing 1
and Lab for ENG 1105
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
College Writing 2
and Lab for ENG 1107
ENG 2105
and ENG 2106
Writing Workshop
and Lab for ENG 2105
Course satisfying Engaging Difference and Diversity core3
ITC 1000Computer Applications3
or ITC 2016 End-User Data Analysis Tools
Complete 3 semester hours from a MTH course.3
PHL 2140Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering3
Course satisfying Understanding Societies and Institutions core3
MTH 2310Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences3
Complete 3 semester hours from the following subject areas:3

Major Required Courses

58 semester hours required

BIO 1100
and BIO 1101
Principles of Biology 1
and Lab for BIO 1100
BIO 1200
and BIO 1201
Principles of Biology 2
and Lab for BIO 1200
BIO 2100
and BIO 2101
and Lab for BIO 2100
BIO 1600
and BIO 1601
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Lab for BIO 1600
BIO 1700
and BIO 1701
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Lab for BIO 1700
CHM 1100
and CHM 1101
General Chemistry 1
and Lab for CHM 1100
CHM 1200
and CHM 1201
General Chemistry 2
and Lab for CHM 1200
HMG 1100Foundations of Healthcare Management3
HMG 2110Health Law and Regulation3
HMG 2100Healthcare Operations3
HMG 3225Public Health3
HSC 3320Pharmacology3
HSC 3310Pathophysiology3
HSC 3300Epidemiology3
HSC 1200Nutrition3
HSC 4850Project in Health Science3
MGT 1100Introduction to Business3

Major Elective Courses

Complete 12 semester hours from the following subject areas:12

Open Electives

Complete a minimum of 17 semester hours of open electives to reach 120 semester hours.