Professional Communication, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Professional Communication provides students with the market-driven communication tools needed to address industry's organization, technical, visual, and creative writing challenges. Students have an opportunity to deepen their mastery of specific skills through specialization in organizational communication, technical communication, graphic communication, and creative writing. Emphasis is placed on understanding and developing the tools to communicate effectively through social media and other digital/internet spaces. The various assignments and projects embedded throughout the curriculum offer students the opportunity to build a portfolio of their work and to become knowledgeable and skilled in the roles and uses of various media in communications.  

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

University-Wide Requirement

Minimum 120 total semester hours required

Minimum 2.000 GPA required

Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Note: Individual program requirements may exceed the above minima.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Foundation Courses

21 semester hours required

Information Technology
ITC 1000Computer Applications3
or ITC 2016 End-User Data Analysis Tools
MGT 1100Introduction to Business3
MKT 2100Principles of Marketing3
MKT 2220Consumer Behavior3
MTH 1100College Algebra3
MTH 2310Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences3
PHL 2120Ethical Issues in Communication3

Major Courses

30 semester hours required

ART 2000Typography: Communicating Content with Form3
ART 2100Foundation in Visual Communication3
ART 2200Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Desktop Publishing3
CMN 1100Organizational Communication3
CMN 2310Professional Speaking3
CMN 3400Advanced Organizational Communication3
CMN 4220Organizational Communication Measurement and Assessment3
ENG 3260Writing to Inform and Persuade3
TCC 2200Introduction to Technical Writing3
TCC 3450Writing for the Web3


Complete one of the following four concentrations:

Creative Writing Concentration

15 semester hours required

ENG 3210Writing for Young Readers3
ENG 3220Writing Poetry3
ENG 3230Writing Fiction3
ENG 3240Writing Nonfiction3
ENG 4210Writing for Publication3

Graphic Communication Concentration

15 semester hours required

ART 3100Visual Foundations: Color3
ART 3110Electronic Publishing and Design3
ART 4100Graphic Communication 13
ART 4110Graphic Communication 23
ART 4120Advertising Design3

Organizational Communication Concentration

15 semester hours required

CMN 3220Public Relations Basics and Practice3
CMN 3330Digital Communication and Organizations3
CMN 3340Gender and Communication3
CMN 3350Intercultural Communication3
CMN 3360Crisis Communication3

Technical Communication Concentration

15 semester hours required

TCC 3200Digital and Social Communication Technologies3
TCC 3210Technical Editing3
TCC 3220Technical Promotional Writing3
TCC 3230Writing for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries3
TCC 3240Proposal and Grant Writing3


3 semester hours required

CMN 4850Capstone in Professional Communication3


Complete a minimum of 51 semester hours (with no more than 6 semester hours in ACC, FIN, MGT, MKT) to reach 120 semester hours.

Term 1Hours
ENG 1105
and ENG 1106
MTH 11003
TCC 22003
ART 20003
MGT 11003
Term 2Hours
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
CMN 11003
ART 21003
ITC 1000 or 20163
ART 22003
Term 3Hours
MKT 21003
PHL 21203
MTH 23103
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 4Hours
MKT 22203
ENG 3107
and ENG 3108
CMN 23103
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 5Hours
TCC 34503
Concentration course3
Concentration course3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 6Hours
CMN 34003
Concentration course3
Concentration course3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 7Hours
CMN 42203
ENG 32603
Concentration course3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 8Hours
CMN 48503
Open elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Total Hours: 120