Political Science, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Political Science is designed to help students prepare to address the political, economic, and social issues that face the world today.

Course work encompasses the history of political thought, a global awareness of the interconnectedness of different cultures, and an understanding of government structures and processes nationally and internationally. Courses focus on developing the critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that lead to reflective, informed citizens who participate in political life and have an impact on the future course of events.

Graduates have the opportunity to pursue careers in local, state, national, and international government agencies and nongovernment agencies, working on the critical policy issues that face us today and in the future.

Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated.

University-Wide Requirement

Minimum 120 total semester hours required

Minimum 2.000 GPA required

Students must earn a minimum of 60 Northeastern University semester hours in order to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Note: Individual program requirements may exceed the above minima.

NUpath Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete the NUpath Requirements.

Foundation Courses

48 semester hours required

Complete one of the following:4
College Writing 1
and Lab for ENG 1105
College Writing 1 for Nonnative Speakers
and Lab for ENG 1103
Complete the following two courses with corresponding labs:
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
College Writing 2
and Lab for ENG 1107
ENG 3107
and ENG 3108
Writing for the Professions: Business and the Social Sciences
and Lab for ENG 3107
MTH 1100College Algebra3
MTH 2310Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences3
PHL 1100Social and Political Philosophy3
PHL 2120Ethical Issues in Communication3
HST 1150History of the World 2: From Renaissance to the Present3
HST 1250American History 2: Reconstruction to the Present3
ECN 1200Principles of Macroeconomics3
Information Technology
ITC 1000Computer Applications3
or ITC 2016 End-User Data Analysis Tools
CMN 1100Organizational Communication3
Foundation Electives
Complete 9 semester hours from the following electives:9
The World Since 1945
Comparative Economic Systems
Principles of Microeconomics
Cultural Anthropology

Major Courses

36 semester hours required

Required Course Work
POL 1120International Relations3
POL 1200Comparative Politics3
POL 1300American Government3
POL 2430Survey of Political Thought3
POL 3400Political Science Research Methods3
Complete six POL courses. Five courses may be used to satisfy a concentration below (optional).18
POL 4850Political Science Capstone3

Optional Concentrations

Note: Please consult with your advisor.

International Relations and Comparative Politics Concentration

POL 3126Global Governance3
POL 3135International Conflict and Negotiation3
POL 3140International Security3
POL 3210Nationalism3
POL 3220Democracy in Comparative Politics3

American Politics Concentration

POL 2315State and Local Government3
POL 2320Political Parties and Interest Groups3
POL 3310Civil Liberties3
POL 3320American Foreign Policy3
POL 3330Politics and Mass Media3


Complete a minimum of 36 semester hours to reach 120 semester hours.

Term 1Hours
Complete one of the following: 4
Complete the following:
MTH 11003
POL 11203
CMN 11003
ECN 12003
Term 2Hours
ENG 1107
and ENG 1108
POL 12003
PHL 11003
HST 11503
ITC 1000 or 20163
Term 3Hours
MTH 23103
POL 13003
PHL 21203
Open elective3
Foundation elective3
Term 4Hours
HST 12503
POL 24303
Open elective3
Open elective3
Foundation elective3
Term 5Hours
ENG 3107
and ENG 3108
POL 34003
Foundation elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 6Hours
Major elective3
Major elective3
Major elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 7Hours
Major elective3
Major elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Term 8Hours
POL 48503
Major elective3
Open elective3
Open elective3
Total Hours: 120