Law and Public Policy, JD/MS

Christopher Bosso, PhD
Graduate Program Director
310 Renaissance Park

Jenn Mocarski
Graduate Program Administrator
310 Renaissance Park

CSSH Graduate Programs General Regulations

The JD/MS in Law and Public Policy (LPP) is a joint program with and open only to students in the Northeastern University School of Law designed to equip graduates with a unique blend of skills for navigating a complex and rapidly changing policy landscape. The program builds on students' legal training with a compelling blend of skills in applied public policy analysis, policy design, and strategic policy formation. Students also gain career-relevant experience through internships, small group capstone projects, and other interactions with professionals in the field. All are part of a learning process designed to enable the Northeastern law and public policy graduates to navigate, and to redefine, diverse policy areas.

Ideally, students apply to the joint LPP simultaneously. Those who apply and are admitted complete the MS in LPP after completing the first year in the School of Law. Applicants will also be considered once enrolled in the JD, provided the student applies for entry to the MS in LPP in the fall of year two or the fall of year three of the JD program. In these cases, permission of the School of Law is required.

Please note that the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs offers approximately 20 MS graduate courses in the fall and spring semesters. 

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Law and Public Policy Requirements

Analysis and Statistical Methods
LPSC 6313Economic Analysis for Law, Policy, and Planning3
LPSC 7305Research and Statistical Methods3
or POLS 7202 Quantitative Techniques
Policy Courses
LPSC 7311Strategizing Public Policy3
PPUA 7673Capstone in Public Policy and Urban Affairs3
Evaluation and Research
PPUA 6509Techniques of Program Evaluation3
Complete 1 semester hour of the following:1
PPUA 6206 to PPUA 6216 (Research Toolkits)
Complete 12 semester hours from the course list below.12

Course List

LPSC 5000 to LPSC 7999
PPUA 5000 to PPU 7999
CRIM 5000 to CRIM 7999 (by advisement)
ECON 5000 to ECON 7999 (by advisement)
ENGL 5000 to ENGL 7999 (by advisement)
HIST 5000 to HIST 7999 (by advisement)
POLS 5000 to POLS 7999 (by advisement)
SOCL 5000 to SOCL 7999 (by advisement)

Law Requirements

Complete 9 semester hours from the following subject areas:9

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

37 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required