Economics, MS

The Master of Science program focuses on applied economic policy analysis, with broad specialization areas. The program is large enough to support a full slate of core and area courses each year, yet small enough to maintain a sense of community among the students. The program is especially appropriate for those who wish to work in or return to positions in government, teaching, finance, or industry, while providing a rigorous basis for those who want to continue their studies to the doctoral level.

The Master of Science in Economics is a STEM-eligible program that offers the opportunity for master's students to apply for paid work positions through Northeastern's world-famous co-op program. Qualified and approved master's students can participate in co-op as practicing economists for up to six months as part of their academic program (note that a 3.500 GPA is required in order to apply). This paid work experience enhances the degree and its emphasis on application. Students have an opportunity to learn how to apply their knowledge, to solve problems, and to make a difference in the world before they graduate. Our graduates either find full-time work in their area of specialty or go on to earn additional graduate degrees. All of our graduates find jobs after completing our program. For more information, please visit economics co-op

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

ECON 5105Math and Statistics for Economists4
ECON 5140Applied Econometrics4
ECON 5110Microeconomic Theory4
ECON 5120Macroeconomic Theory4


With prior approval from the graduate program director, the following courses may substitute for electives: Thesis (ECON 7990) or Internship In Economics (ECON 8550). Additionally, a student may select a maximum of eight graduate semester hours offered by other departments.

Complete 16 semester hours in the following range:16
ECON 5200 to ECON 7772

Optional Co-op Experience

Requires two consecutive semesters of Co-op Work Experience and Experiential Integration:2
Co-op Work Experience
and Experiential Integration

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

  • 32 semester hours required (34 with optional co-op)
  • Minimum 3.000 GPA required