Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, PhD—Advanced Entry

The PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB) program provides students with advanced course work and training in ecology, evolution, and marine biology. Students admitted with a master’s degree must take two semesters of colloquium. Transcripts detailing their previous course work will be submitted upon arrival to their dissertation committee and the marine and environmental sciences graduate committee to determine whether additional course work is required. The dissertation committee may require the student to pursue additional course work as needed to provide the necessary background for their program of study. Additional course work may also be required depending on the student’s performance on written qualifying and oral examinations.

Students must pass three examinations during the course of their graduate studies:

  1. A written examination consisting of questions posed by the student’s written examination committee.
  2. An oral examination by the student’s dissertation committee consisting of an oral presentation and defense of the student’s dissertation proposal and including questions about the research areas that the student proposes to work in.
  3. A defense of the student's written dissertation consisting of a public seminar, public question-and-answer period, and private defense of their work to their dissertation committee. Dissertation committees consist of at least four Northeastern faculty and one external faculty member.

A cumulative GPA of 3.000 is required for graduation. All PhD students are required to have at least one first-authored publication submitted to or accepted in a peer-reviewed journal prior to their defense. The PhD will be awarded following submission of a dissertation, approved by the candidate’s dissertation committee, to the College of Science.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.


Qualifying examination
Annual review
Dissertation committee
Dissertation proposal
Dissertation proposal defense
First-author publication
Dissertation defense


EEMB 8986Research0
Complete the following (repeatable) course twice:2


Complete the following (repeatable) course twice:

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

2 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required