Digital Media, MPS—ALIGN Program

Students in the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media will build their skills and expertise while gaining experience using a variety of industry-standard and cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our curriculum is organized around three types of experiences: core courses, concentration electives, and a capstone that can be completed as an individual thesis or a team project.

Our core courses in media creation, interactive design, usability, design thinking, and narrative structure provide a baseline for producing content-rich experiences. A series of electives are offered in seven distinctive areas: 3-D animation, game design, digital video, social media, digital media management, or one of two tracks in interactive design: visual design or usability and production. In the capstone experience, you’ll work with the guidance of faculty to channel your passion into a project that provides tangible evidence of your abilities.

Whether you are a full- or part-time student, our cohort structure allows you to build meaningful working relationships with students from around the globe. Team-based assignments strengthen your project management and leadership skills and allow you to take part in the design and development of more complex media projects than you could by working alone. The team efforts will also prepare you for your future as a professional in digital media’s collaboration-oriented culture.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Foundation Courses

DGM 6105Visual Communications Foundation4
DGM 6108Programming Foundations for Digital Media4
DGM 6109Lab for DGM 61082
DGM 6501Web Creation Boot Camp2

Required Core Courses

DGM 6122Foundations of Digital Storytelling4
DGM 6145Information Technology and Creative Practice4
DGM 6521Web Creation for Content Management Systems2
Complete one of the following:4
Sound Design
Usability and Human Interaction
Complete one pair of the following:8
Thesis Proposal Development
Technical course from the workshops list


Concentration in 3-D Animation
DGM 6450Animation Basics4
DGM 65103-D Modeling4
DGM 6530Character Animation4
DGM 6535Rigging Principles and Techniques4
DGM 6540Compositing4
Concentration in Digital Media Management
Complete 20 quarter hours from the following: 20
Digital Media Entrepreneurship
Managing for Digital Media
Interactive Marketing Fundamentals
Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation
Project Management for Digital Media
Intercultural Communication
Concentration in Digital Video
Complete 20 quarter hours from the following: 20
Digital Video Production
Editing in the Digital Studio
Lighting for the Camera
Documentary and Nonfiction Production
Screenwriting: Linear and Interactive
Concentration in Game Design
Complete 20 quarter hours from the following: 20
Intermediate Programming for Digital Media
Game Design Fundamentals
Game Development
Game Design Algorithms and Data Structures
Game Design Technology Lab
Game Development Intensive
Concentration in Interactive Design
Complete 20 quarter hours from the following:
DGM 6461Interactive Information Design 14
Complete four courses from one of the following tracks:
Design Track
DGM 6217Typography for Interactivity4
DGM 6463Interactive Information Design 24
DGM 6317Screen-Based Publication Design4
DGM 6471Designing Infographics4
DGM 6895Digital Portfolio Capstone4
Usability and Development Track
DGM 6451Web Development4
DGM 6268Usable Design for Mobile Digital Media4
DGM 6308Intermediate Programming for Digital Media4
DGM 6525Research Methods for Global User Experiences4
TCC 6110Information Architecture4
TCC 6710Content Strategy4
Concentration in Social Media
CMN 6035Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues in the Digital Era3
CMN 6045Leveraging Digital Technologies: Strategy, Assessment, and Governance3
CMN 6065Implementation and Management of Social Media Channels and Online Communities3
DGM 6285Interactive Marketing Fundamentals4
DGM 6290Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation4
TCC 6710Content Strategy4

Free Electives

Complete one of the following:3-4
Data Management and Big Data
Time-Based Media
Digital Capture and Output
Advanced Digital Storytelling
Character Animation
Integrative Experiential Learning
Interdisciplinary Professional Foundations
Fundamentals of Human Behaviors for Interactive Systems


Optional digital media workshops are designed to provide valuable technical skills and tools for students in all graduate degree programs. Students may complete one of the following:

DGM 6506Introduction to Digital Video2
DGM 6509Integrated Suite Workshop2
DGM 6515Introduction to After Effects2
DGM 6518Game Programming Intensive 12
DGM 6519Game Programming Intensive 22
TCC 6620Collecting User Data2
TCC 6630Introduction to XML2

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

56 total quarter hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required