Pharmacy and Public Health, PharmD/MPH

The School of Pharmacy and the Department of Health Sciences offer a combined Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master in Public Health (MPH) program.

The combined PharmD/MPH program recognizes and reinforces the importance of public health in pharmacy practice. Central to addressing urban public health concerns, and in particular those associated with racial and ethnic health disparities, the program is committed to building a strong, diverse, and activist public health workforce. The goal of the program is to graduate professionals who are well educated in the complex issues associated with disparate health status and healthcare access. The combined PharmD/MPH program allows qualified and interested students an opportunity to achieve their goal of obtaining a more robust understanding of public health through an MPH degree while also completing their PharmD.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

Doctor of Pharmacy Requirements

Required Core
PHMD 2350Healthcare Systems3
PHMD 5223Evidence-Based Medicine2
PHMD 5250Pharmacy Care Management3
PHMD 5330Jurisprudence3
PHSC 2330Immunology3
PHSC 3411Pharmaceutics 14
PHSC 3412Pharmaceutics 24
PHSC 3419Pharmaceutics Laboratory1
PHSC 3430Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics3
PHSC 5360Anti-Infectives4
Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry
PHSC 4501Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry 15
PHSC 4502Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry 25
Disease Management
PHMD 4611Comprehensive Disease Management 16
PHMD 4612Comprehensive Disease Management 1 Seminar1
PHMD 4621Comprehensive Disease Management 26
PHMD 4622Comprehensive Disease Management 2 Seminar1
PHMD 4623Comprehensive Disease Management 2 Skills Lab0.5
PHMD 4631Comprehensive Disease Management 36
PHMD 4632Comprehensive Disease Management 3 Seminar1
PHMD 4633Comprehensive Disease Management 3 Skills Lab0.5
PHMD 4641Comprehensive Disease Management 46
PHMD 4642Comprehensive Disease Management 4 Seminar1
PHMD 4643Comprehensive Disease Management 4 Skills Lab0.5
PHMD 1201Introduction to Pharmacy Practice2.5
PHMD 1202Lab for PHMD 12010.5
PHMD 2310Educational and Behavioral Interventions in Pharmacy Practice2
PHMD 2311Lab for PHMD 23100.5
PHMD 5270Economic Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy Practice2
PHMD 5450Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Preparatory Seminar1
Required Practice Experience
Complete 36 semester hours of required practice experience:36

Master of Public Health Requirements

Required Core
PHTH 5120Race, Ethnicity, and Health in the United States3
PHTH 5202Introduction to Epidemiology3
PHTH 5210Biostatistics in Public Health3
PHTH 5212Public Health Administration and Policy3
PHTH 5214Environmental Health3
PHTH 5540Health Education and Program Planning3
PHTH 6204Society, Behavior, and Health3
Urban Health
PHTH 6200Principles and History of Urban Health3
PHTH 6208Urban Community Health Assessment3
PHTH 6966Practicum3
PHTH 6910Public Health Capstone3
Complete 9 semester hours in the following subject area:9
PHTH or approved electives in other subject areas

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

156 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required