Nursing Practice with Concentration in Nurse Anesthesia, DNP

Restricted to students in the United States Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing (USAGPAN).

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.


A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

Core Courses
NRSG 5127Scientific Inquiry and Epidemiological Concepts3
NRSG 5170Statistics in Nursing2
NRSG 5182Physical Examination and Differential Diagnosis4
NRSG 5184Biochemistry for Nurse Anesthesia4
NRSG 6372Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia Practice3
NRSG 7100Leadership in Advanced Practice Nursing3
NRSG 7105Translating Research Evidence into Practice3
Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia
NRSG 6369Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia 15
NRSG 6371Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia 24
Anatomy and Physiology
NRSG 5172Clinical Anatomy and Physiology 1 for Nurse Anesthesia6
NRSG 5174Clinical Anatomy and Physiology 2 for Nurse Anesthesia5
NRSG 6302Health Policy and Law3
NRSG 6306Health Informatics3
NRSG 6308Healthcare Management3

Practice, Clinical, Practicum, and Capstone

A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

Fundamentals of Nurse Anesthesia Practice
NRSG 6375Fundamentals of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 19
NRSG 6379Fundamentals of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 29
Clinical Practicum
NRSG 7400Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 15
NRSG 7403Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 25
NRSG 7406Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 35
NRSG 7409Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 45
Role Development
NRSG 7412Nurse Anesthesia Role Development 16
NRSG 7415Nurse Anesthesia Role Development 26
NRSG 7418Nurse Anesthesia Role Development 36
NRSG 7421Nurse Anesthesia Role Development 46
NRSG 7921DNP Scholarly Project 1: Design and Ethical Consideration of Practice Application3
NRSG 7922DNP Scholarly Project 2: Applying Practice Knowledge—Implementation/Outcomes3
NRSG 7923DNP Scholarly Project 3: Dissemination of Practice Inquiry3

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

122 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required