Audiology, AuD

Audiologists specialize in the prevention, identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders and serve those with congenital and acquired hearing losses. They prescribe and dispense hearing aids and instruct patients in using amplification and provide aural rehabilitation and speech reading services to those with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Additionally, audiologists provide vestibular rehabilitation or balance retraining exercises for some balance disorders. Upon graduation, students are employed in a variety of settings that reflect the diverse populations served by audiologists. Some graduates are self-employed in private practice clinics that provide speech, language, and hearing services. Others function as members of interdisciplinary teams in healthcare settings or educational settings or in research laboratories.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements 

A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

SLPA 5100Diagnostic Audiometry3
SLPA 5104Differential Diagnosis in Audiology3
SLPA 5105Auditory Pathologies3
SLPA 5110Language Disorders across the Life Span (or elective)3-4
SLPA 6722Evaluation and Treatment of Central Pathologies3
SLPA 6728Assessment of Vestibular Disorders3
SLPA 6737Advanced Evoked Potential Measures3
SLPA 5109Neurology of Communication3
SLPA 5111Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System3
SLPA 6741Pharmacology for Audiologists2
SLPA 5108Rehabilitation Audiology3
SLPA 6210Psychosocial Aspects of Communication Disorders2
SLPA 6715Amplification 13
SLPA 6716Amplification 23
SLPA 6729Management of Vestibular Disorders3
SLPA 6747Implantable Hearing Devices3
SLPA 6211Research and Evidence-Based Practice3
SLPA 6215Pediatric Audiology3
SLPA 6314Professional Practice2
SLPA 6420Practical Statistics for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology3
SLPA 6711Scope of Practice in Audiology2
SLPA 6773Topics Seminar3
Hearing Science
SLPA 6217Noise and Hearing3
SLPA 6221Hearing Science3
SLPA 6224Psychoacoustics and Electroacoustics3
Complete one elective course.3

Clinic and Internship

A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

SLPA 6751Advanced Audiology Clinic 12
SLPA 6752Advanced Audiology Clinic 22
SLPA 6753Advanced Audiology Clinic 32
SLPA 6754Advanced Audiology Clinic 42
SLPA 6755Advanced Audiology Clinic 52
SLPA 6756Advanced Audiology Clinic 62
SLPA 6757Advanced Audiology Clinic 73
SLPA 6758Advanced Audiology Clinic 83
SLPA 6791AuD Clinic Internship 13
SLPA 6792AuD Clinic Internship 23
SLPA 6793AuD Clinic Internship 33

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

101 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required