School Psychology, PhD

Northeastern University’s Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). The program is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders in school psychology. The ecological perspective and scientist-practitioner training model provide the foundation for the program’s educational goals. Students have an opportunity to learn how to conduct research, to use research to inform practice, and to contribute to the scientific foundation of professional practice.

Please visit Bouvé College Learning Outcomes for the specific student learning outcomes for this program.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated. 


Comprehensive examination
Annual review
Mentored research project
Dissertation committee
Dissertation proposal
Dissertation defense

Core Requirements

A grade of B or higher is required in all course work.

CAEP 6365Seminar in School Psychology3
CAEP 7732Legal and Ethical Issues in Community and Educational Settings3
CAEP 6206Learning Principles3
CAEP 6390History and Systems of Psychology3
CAEP 6218Infant, Child, and Adolescent Development3
or CAEP 6220 Development Across the Life Span
CAEP 7750Biological Bases of Behavior3
CAEP 7755Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior3
CAEP 7756Social Psychology in an Organizational and Ecological Context3
Multicultural Competency
CAEP 6203Understanding Culture and Diversity3
CAEP 6394Advanced Multicultural Psychology3
Assessment and Intervention
Course Work
CAEP 6247Child and Adolesent Psychopathology3
CAEP 6345Learning Problems: Educational, Biological, and Ecological Perspectives3
CAEP 6347Behavior Management3
CAEP 6350Introduction to Cognitive Assessment3
CAEP 6353Curriculum-Based Assessment and Instruction3
CAEP 6354Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Assessment3
CAEP 6360Consultation and Program Evaluation3
CAEP 6399Clinical Skills in Counseling Psychology3
CAEP 6401Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools 13
CAEP 6402Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools 23
CAEP 7710Advanced Clinical Assessment3
CAEP 7720Advanced Clinical Interventions3
CAEP 6400Prepracticum in School Psychology1
CAEP 8415Practicum in School Psychology 12
CAEP 8416Practicum in School Psychology 22
Fieldwork (minimum of 2 SH required per course, for a total of 8 SH)
CAEP 7741Advanced Fieldwork 11,2
CAEP 7742Advanced Fieldwork 21,2
CAEP 7743Advanced Fieldwork 31,2
CAEP 7744Advanced Fieldwork 41,2
Internship (complete 3 SH)
CAEP 7798Doctoral Internship 11-3
CAEP 7799Doctoral Internship 22
CAEP 6202Research, Evaluation, and Data Analysis3
CAEP 7711Measurement: Advanced Psychometric Principles3
CAEP 7712Intermediate Statistical Data Analysis Techniques3
CAEP 7777Doctoral Seminar: Program Planning and Evaluation3
CAEP 7716Advanced Research and Data Analyses 23


Complete the following (repeatable) course twice:

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

97 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required