Counseling Psychology, MSCP

The Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) program at Northeastern is committed to the development of competent Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) through the disciplinary studies and contemporary professional practice of counseling psychology. The program complies with licensing regulations for mental health counselors in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is unique in its offer of a choice of specific specializations to gain additional depth in selected areas within the general Master of Science program.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

 A grade of B or higher is required in all course work. 

CAEP 6380Seminar in Feminist Psychology3
Required Core
CAEP 6200Introduction to Counseling: Theory and Process in an Ecological Context3
CAEP 6201Introduction to Assessment3
CAEP 6203Understanding Culture and Diversity3
CAEP 6220Development Across the Life Span3
CAEP 6235Vocational, Education, and Career Development3
CAEP 6242Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning3
CAEP 6250Individual Interventions3
CAEP 6260Community Counseling Psychology3
CAEP 6282Ethics and Professional Development3
CAEP 6287Group Counseling3
CAEP 6375Substance Use and Treatment3
CAEP 6399Clinical Skills in Counseling Psychology3
CAEP 6202Research, Evaluation, and Data Analysis3
CAEP 6338Clinical Practice Supervision1-3
CAEP 8401Practicum in Counseling Psychology3
CAEP 8510Internship in Counseling Psychology 13
CAEP 8511Internship in Counseling Psychology 23


Complete 9 semester hours from the following. Other electives or alternatives may be chosen in consultation with faculty advisor:9
Groups: Dynamics and Leadership
Infant, Child, and Adolescent Development
Human Sexuality
Health Issues in Counseling
Child and Adolesent Psychopathology
Brief Therapies
Family Counseling Interventions
Reality Therapy
History and Systems of Psychology
Advanced Multicultural Psychology
Advanced Clinical Interventions
Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Theories of Psychotherapy
Qualitative Methods in Health and Illness

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

60 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required