College Student Development and Counseling, MS

The College Student Development and Counseling program (CSDC) at Northeastern University aims to create mindful, action-oriented leaders, specifically in the fields of higher education and student affairs administration. The program focuses on counseling, college student development, the history and philosophy of the student affairs profession, and the organization and administration of the field. The program offers emerging professionals the opportunity to obtain the academic and experiential background that enables them to design, create, and administer student personnel programs that teach leadership, foster student development, value diversity, and contribute to the academic experiences of college students. College Student Development and Counseling students are also supported with individual research projects. The program offers a global perspective to the practice of student affairs and student services.

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.



Core Requirements

A grade of B or higher is required in each course.

Student Affairs Administration
CAEP 6301Planning and Administering Student Affairs3
CAEP 6302Law and Ethics in Higher Education3
CAEP 6303Financial Aspects of Higher Education3
CAEP 6305Special Topics in Higher Education3
CAEP 6235Vocational, Education, and Career Development3
College Student Development
CAEP 6200Introduction to Counseling: Theory and Process in an Ecological Context3
CAEP 6203Understanding Culture and Diversity3
CAEP 6230Health Issues in Counseling3
CAEP 6300Introduction to College Student Development3
Professional Practice
CAEP 6215Groups: Dynamics and Leadership3
CAEP 8402College Student Development Practicum 13
CAEP 8403College Student Development Practicum 23
Research and Evaluation
CAEP 6202Research, Evaluation, and Data Analysis3
CAEP 6262Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment of Community, School, and Health-Related Programs3

Program Credit/GPA Requirements

42 total semester hours required
Minimum 3.000 GPA required