General Regulations and Requirements for Nondegree Certificate Programs

Certificates That Appear on the Transcript


A nondegree certificate program is a program of study requiring at least four graduate courses, or 12 semester hours of graduate credit, but no more than 30 semester hours of graduate credit. In the College of Professional Studies (CPS), the number of credits for a certificate varies from 16 quarter hours to 30 quarter hours. Successful completion of such a certificate program will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Appropriate graduate credits taken as part of a nondegree certificate program may be counted toward a regular graduate degree at the discretion of the committee in charge of the graduate program.


All students admitted to a certificate program must satisfy the general requirements for admission as a graduate student and the requirements for the specific certificate program.

Procedures for the Approval of New Certificate Programs

New certificate programs are developed following the procedure outlined in the Guidelines for New Degree Programs found on the Office of the Provost website. 

Procedures for Certificate Program Review

Certificate programs will be reviewed in the context of departmental reviews. Information about these reviews can be found on the Office of the Provost website. 

General Regulations

Except as indicated herein, certificate programs shall be subject to the same regulations and procedures as master’s degree programs.

Course Programs That Do Not Appear on the Transcript

Colleges offering graduate programs may choose to recognize the completion of sequences of courses requiring fewer courses than a certificate program. No such recognition shall be placed on the student’s transcript. Such a nontranscript program shall not involve more than four graduate courses or 12 semester hours of graduate credit. The requirements of any such nontranscript program will be forwarded to the vice provost for graduate education for record-keeping purposes.