General Regulations and Requirements for the Master's Degree


All students admitted to a master’s program must satisfy the general requirements for admission as a graduate student and the requirements for the specific master’s program.

Academic Classifications

Those students who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and satisfy the admissions requirements of the appropriate graduate school are classified as regular students. Domestic students whose records are not of acceptable quality may be accepted as provisional students. International students cannot be accepted provisionally. Provisional students must obtain a 3.000 grade-point average in the first 9 semester hours or otherwise fulfill the delineated departmental requirements to continue in the graduate program; they then become regular students. Any student whose record is not satisfactory may be dropped by action of the committee in charge of the degree program.

Course Requirements

A candidate for the master’s degree must satisfactorily complete an approved program conforming to the requirements of the graduate school and department or program in which the candidate is registered.

The requirements for the master’s degree are a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor’s degree, except in the College of Professional Studies, in which 45 quarter hours of graduate work are required. There may also be other study required by the graduate school and department or program concerned. Students enrolled in a PlusOne program will be allowed to double-count prescribed graduate courses as part of their undergraduate degree.

Language Requirement

The committee in charge of the degree program may establish a language requirement.

Comprehensive Examination

At the discretion of the committee in charge of the degree program, final written or oral comprehensive examination(s) may be required. Such examinations will be given at least two weeks before the Commencement at which the degree is to be awarded.


If a thesis is required in partial fulfillment of degree requirements, it must show independent work based, in part, on original material and must meet the approval of the student’s thesis committee. The committee in charge of the degree program is responsible for providing instructions concerning preparation of the thesis.

The student must submit the thesis to ProQuest in sufficient time to allow for acceptance before the Commencement clearance deadline. Information on archiving a thesis with ProQuest is available in the program-relevant graduate office.

Time Limitation

Course credits earned in the program of graduate study, or accepted by transfer, are valid for a maximum of seven years unless the relevant graduate office grants an extension.