Information Assurance


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Bryan Lackaye, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, College of Computer Science,

Please see the College of Computer and Information Sciences Information Assurance programs page for curriculum information.  

The College of Computer and Information Science offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Assurance in conjunction with the College of Engineering and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. The PhD in Information Assurance program is designed for both students with a strong background in a technical field and those with nontechnical backgrounds and a strong desire to pursue interdisciplinary work in areas related to information assurance. Applicants are expected to have a minimum 3.000 undergraduate GPA.

Students who do not have the necessary technical background may be required to take prerequisite courses to prepare for the program.

The PhD in Information Assurance degree requires completion of at least 48 semester credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree. Students who enter with an undergraduate degree will typically need four to five years to complete the program and have the option of obtaining a master's degree from one of the departments participating in the program. To do so, they must meet all of the department’s degree requirements.

Students who enter the program with a master’s degree will be required to complete 16 semester credit hours beyond the master’s degree. They also must complete the required core courses.