Online and Video Streaming Examination Policy

Exam Administration

Students who are enrolled in online and video-streaming sections may be required to have their exams proctored. If a proctor is required, it is the student's responsibility to find a proctor and then have the proctor approved by the Graduate School of Engineering. Students must make arrangements for an exam proctor following the proctor application guidelines. The Graduate School of Engineering reserves the right to reject any proctor application if the guidelines are not followed.

Video-streaming students living within 30 miles of their home campus (Boston, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, or Seattle) and who are enrolled in video-streamed sections may be strongly encouraged by the faculty to take exams at their home campus if there is a campus designee to provide proctoring services. In cases where a student is unable to travel to campus for exams, a proctor can be used.

For successful proctoring, the following responsibilities are delineated.

Student Responsibilities

Students must make arrangements for a proctor. Students are required to complete and submit a Proctor Application form to the Graduate School of Engineering office by the end of the third week of class.

Proctor Responsibilities

The proctor is responsible for administering exams to the students per the instructor’s directions and in accordance with the Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy in order to maintain the security and integrity of the exam process.

Faculty Responsibilities

To administer each exam, the instructor will make arrangements for the exchange of exam materials with the proctor.Once a proctor is approved, the faculty is in charge of coordinating and interacting with the proctor.