College Academic Integrity Committee and Policy

The college has formed academic integrity committees for each of the doctoral and master's programs in order to assess violations in light of the unique nature of each program. It is necessary that academic integrity violations be considered at the program level given the distinctive requirements of each level of student.

The overriding goal of the committee is to enforce the university’s academic integrity policy utilizing the highest level of content expertise necessary to make the most informed decision. Much like the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR), the academic integrity committee will consider all cases submitted by CCIS faculty, conduct interviews with students and faculty, as well as gather all relevant academic information to evaluate the situation in question.

The committee will issue decisions on graduate student standing. Judgments will include but not be limited to written warnings, program suspension, co-op and/or internship removal, and program dismissal. The committee reserves the right to act in the best interest of the college, academic program, faculty, and student. As such, decisions on student standing will be made in full consideration of the evidence and may be more lenient or severe than those issued by university bodies, such as OSCCR.

In accordance with university policy, the college has final discretion over academic performance decisions.