University Leadership

Officers of the University

Joseph E. Aoun, BA, MA, PhD, President
Michael A. Armini, BA, MA, Senior Vice President for External Affairs
James C. Bean, BS, MS, PhD, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Diane Nishigaya MacGillivray, BA, MA, Senior Vice President for University Advancement
Philomena V. Mantella, BS, MSW, PhD, Senior Vice President and CEO of the Professional Advancement Network
Ralph C. Martin II, BA, JD, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Thomas Nedell, BA, MBA, Senior Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Academic Deans

Nadine Aubry, BS, MS, PhD, Dean of the College of Engineering
Carla E. Brodley, BA, MS, PhD, Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science
Raj Echambadi, BS, MBA, PhD, Dean of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business 
Kenneth W. Henderson, BSc, PhD, Dean of the College of Science
Elizabeth Hudson, BA, MA, PhD, Dean of the College of Arts, Media and Design
Mary Loeffelholz, BA, MA, PhD, Dean of the College of Professional Studies
James R. Hackney, AB, JD, Dean of the School of Law
Uta Poiger, BA, MA, AM, PhD, Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Susan L. Parish, BA, MSW, PharmD, Dean of Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Vice Provosts

Susan Ambrose, BA, MA, PhD, Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Experiential Learning
John Armendariz, EdD, Vice Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Debra Franko, BA, PhD, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
David Luzzi, BE, PhD, MBA, Senior Vice Provost for Research
Breean Fortier, BA, MA, Senior Vice Provost for Budget, Planning, and Administration
Ni (Phil) He, LLB, PhD, Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Sara Wadia-Fascetti, BS, MS, PhD, Vice Provost for the PhD Network

Vice Presidents

Anthony Rini, BA, MPA, EdD, Vice President for Finance 
Rick Davis, BS, MA, Vice President for Alumni Relations
Joseph J. Donnelly Jr., BA, Vice President for Advancement and Campaign Director
Nicholas F. Ducoff, BBA, JD, Vice President for New Ventures
Madeleine A. Estabrook, AB, JD, Vice President for Student Affairs
Cole W. Camplese BA, MS, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Luanne M. Kirwin, BA, MA, Vice President of Development
Sundar Kumarasamy, BA, MS, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Timothy E. Leshan, BA, MPA, Vice President for Government Relations
Chris Mallet, BS, MPA, Vice President for Online Experiential Learning 
Jane Moyer, BA, MA, Vice President for Human Resources Management
Lisa Sinclair, BA, JD, Vice President of Legal Affairs
Kathy Spiegelman, BA, MS, Vice President and Chief of Campus Planning and Development
Brian Sullivan, BS, MBA, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer 
John Tobin, BA, Vice President for City and Community Affairs
Renata Nyul, BA, MS, Vice President for Communications

Other Administrative Leaders

Linda D. Allen, BA, MEd, Assistant Vice President and University Registrar
Michael A. Davis, BA, MA, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police
Jeff Konya, BA, JD Director of Athletics and Recreation
Dan Cohen, BA, MA, PhD, Dean, University Libraries and Vice Provost for Information Collaboration