Major CIP Codes

The following is a list of Northeastern University majors for programs accepting new students during the 2020-2021 catalog year, along with each major’s corresponding CIP code. “CIP” refers to the Classification of Instructional Programs published by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

Academic Program Major Transcript Title Major CIP Code
P-CERTG-3DAN: 3-D Animation, Graduate Certificate 3-D Animation 100304
MSA-ACCT: Accounting, MSA Accounting 520301
P-CERTU-ACCT: Accounting, Undergraduate Certificate Accounting 520301
CERTG-ACFD: Accounting and Financial Decision Making, Graduate Certificate Accounting/Financial Decisions 520899
CERTG-ACFD-O: Accounting and Financial Decision Making, Graduate Certificate—Online Accounting/Financial Decisions 520899
P-CERTG-AORL: Adult and Organizational Learning, Graduate Certificate Adult and Org Learning 131201
P-CERTU-AACT: Advanced Accounting, Undergraduate Certificate Advanced Accounting 520301
P-BS-AVMS: Advanced Manufacturing Systems, BS Advanced Manufacturing Systems 150613
BA-AFCS: Africana Studies, BA Africana Studies 050201
BS-AFCS: Africana Studies, BS Africana Studies 050201
P-CERTG-AGPM: Agile Project Management, Graduate Certificate Agile Project Management 520211
P-BS-ANLY: Analytics, BS Analytics 110802
P-MPS-ANLY: Analytics, MPS Analytics 110802
P-CERTG-APAN: Applied Analytics, Graduate Certificate Applied Analytics 307101
CAGS-ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis, CAGS Applied Behavior Analysis 422814
CERTG-ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis, Graduate Certificate Applied Behavior Analysis 422814
MS-ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis, MS Applied Behavior Analysis 422814
P-MPS-APMI: Applied Machine Intelligence, MPS Applied Machine Intelligence 521301
CERTG-AMTH: Applied Mathematics, Graduate Certificate Applied Mathematics 270301
MS-AMTH: Applied Mathematics, MS Applied Mathematics 270301
P-MS-APNU: Applied Nutrition, MS Applied Nutrition 301901
BS-APHY: Applied Physics, BS Applied Physics 400801
MS-APEN: Applied Physics and Engineering, MS Applied Physics/Engineering 400801
MS-APPS: Applied Psychology, MS Applied Psychology 422813
BS-ARCS: Architectural Studies, BS Architectural Studies 040801
BS-ARSD: Architectural Studies and Design, BS Architectural Studies/Design 040803
BS-ARCH: Architecture, BS Architecture 040902
MARCH-ARCH1: Master of Architecture—One-Year Program Architecture 040902
MARCH-ARCH3: Master of Architecture—Three-Year Program Architecture 040902
MARCH-ARCH3A: Master of Architecture—Three-Year Program—Advanced Degree Entrance Architecture 040902
MARCH-ARCH2: Master of Architecture—Two-Year Program Architecture 040902
BS-AENG: Architecture and English, BS Architecture/ English 040201
BA-ARTS: Art, BA Art 500702
MS-ARIN: Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence 110102
MS-AMCE: Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship, MS Arts Adm & Cultural Entrepren 501099
CERTG-ARAD: Arts Administration, Graduate Certificate Arts Administration 501099
BA-ASST: Asian Studies, BA Asian Studies 050103
BS-ASHU: American Sign Language and Human Services, BS ASL / Human Services 161601
BS-ASPS: American Sign Language and Psychology, BS ASL / Psychology 161601
BS-ASTH: American Sign Language and Theatre, BS ASL / Theatre 161601
BS-ASLN: American Sign Language and Linguistics, BS ASL/ Linguistics 161601
BS-BNPH: Behavioral Neuroscience and Philosophy, BS Behav Neuroscience/Philosophy 261501
BS-BENS: Behavioral Neuroscience, BS Behavioral Neuroscience 261501
BS-BNDS: Behavioral Neuroscience and Design, BS Behavioral Neuroscience/Design 261501
BS-BIOC: Biochemistry, BS Biochemistry 260202
BSBIOE-BION: Bioengineering, BSBioE Bioengineering 149999
MSBIOE-BION: Bioengineering, MSBioE Bioengineering 149999
PHD-BION: Bioengineering, PhD Bioengineering 149999
PHD-BION-A: Bioengineering, PhD—Advanced Entry Bioengineering 149999
BSBIOE-BEBC: Bioengineering and Biochemistry, BSBIOE Bioengineering/Biochemistry 149999
CERTG-BINF: Bioinformatics, Graduate Certificate Bioinformatics 261103
MS-BINF: Bioinformatics, MS Bioinformatics 261103
P-BS-BIOS: Biological Science, BS Biological Science 260101
BS-BIOL: Biology, BS Biology 260101
PHD-BIOL: Biology, PhD Biology 260101
PHD-BIOL-A: Biology, PhD-Advanced Entry Biology 260101
BS-BENG: Biology and English, BS Biology/English 269999
BS-BIMA: Biology and Mathematics, BS Biology/Mathematics 260101
BS-BIPO: Biology and Political Science, BS Biology/Political Science 269999
BS-BIMP: Biomedical Physics, BS Biomedical Physics 260203
MS-BIOM: Biomedical Sciences, MS Biomedical Science 260102
PHD-BIOM: Biomedical Sciences, PhD Biomedical Science 260102
CERTG-BIAS: Biopharmaceutical Analytical Sciences, Graduate Certificate Biopharm Analytical Sci 400599
P-CERTG-BPQD: Biopharmaceutical Domestic Regulatory Affairs, Graduate Certificate Biopharmacy Quality Domestic 512099
P-CERTG-BPQI: International Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Graduate Certificate Biopharmacy Quality Intl 512099
P-BS-BIOT: Biotechnology, BS Biotechnology 261201
CERTG-BIOT: Biotechnology, Graduate Certificate Biotechnology 261201
MS-BIOT-SC: Biotechnology, MS Biotechnology 261201
CERTG-BITE: Biotechnology Enterprise, Graduate Certificate Biotechnology Enterprise 261201
CERTG-BLCE: Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering, Graduate Certificate Blockchain & Smart Contr. Engr 140903
CERTG-TBWS: Broadband Wireless Systems, Graduate Certificate Broadband Wireless Systems 110901
BS-BACS: Business Administration and Communication Studies, BS Business Admin/Comm Studies 520101
BS-BAPS: Business Administration and Psychology, BS Business Admin/Psychology 520101
BSBA-BSAD: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, BSBA Business Administration 520101
CERTG-BSAD: Business Administration, Graduate Certificate Business Administration 520101
CERTG-BSAD-O: Business Administration, Graduate Certificate—Online Business Administration 520101
MBA-BSAD-F: Business Administration, MBA—Full-Time Program Business Administration 520101
MBA-BSAD-O: Business Administration, MBA—Online Business Administration 520101
MBA-BSAD-E: Business Administration, MBA—Part-Time Program Business Administration 520101
BS-BUDE: Business Administration and Design, BS Business Administration/Design 520101
MS-BUSA: Business Analytics, MS Business Analytics 521302
CERTG-BLAW: Business Law, Graduate Certficate Business Law 220205
BS-CMBI: Cell and Molecular Biology, BS Cell and Molecular Biology 260406
BSCHE-CHOC: Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry, BSCHE Chem Engineering/ Biochemistry 140701
BSCHE-CHME: Chemical Engineering, BSCHE Chemical Engineering 140701
MSCHE-CHME: Chemical Engineering, MSCHE Chemical Engineering 140701
PHD-CHME: Chemical Engineering, PhD Chemical Engineering 140701
PHD-CHME-A: Chemical Engineering, PhD—Advanced Entry Chemical Engineering 140701
BSCHE-CEPH: Chemical Engineering and Physics, BSCHE Chemical Engineering/Physics 140701
BS-CHEM: Chemistry, BS Chemistry 400501
MS-CHEM: Chemistry, MS Chemistry 400501
PHD-CHEM: Chemistry, PhD Chemistry 400501
PHD-CHEM-A: Chemistry, PhD-Advanced Entry Chemistry 400501
BSCE-CEAS: Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies, BSCE Civil Eng/Arch Studies 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Construction Management, MSCivE Civil Engineering 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Data and Systems, MSCivE Civil Engineering 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering, MSCivE Civil Engineering 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Structures, MSCivE Civil Engineering 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Transportation, MSCivE Civil Engineering 140801
MSCIVE-CIVE: Civil Engineering with Concentration in Water, Environmental, and Coastal Systems, MSCIVE Civil Engineering 140801
BSCE-CIVE: Civil Engineering, BSCE Civil Engineering 140801
PHD-CIVE: Civil Engineering, PhD Civil Engineering 140801
PHD-CIVE-A: Civil Engineering, PhD—Advanced Entry Civil Engineering 140801
P-CERTG-CCAM: Cloud Computing Application and Management, Graduate Certificate Cloud Computing App and Mgmt 110104
CERTG-CLSD: Cloud Software Development, Graduate Certificate Cloud Software Development 110902
P-CERTG-CATH: Collegiate Athletics Administration, Graduate Certificate Collegiate Athletics Admin 310504
BA-CMGR: Communication Studies and Graphic and Information Design, BA Comm Stud/ Graph & Info Design 090101
BS-CMSL: Communication Studies and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Comm Stud/Speech-Lang Path Aud 090101
BA-CMTH: Communication Studies and Theatre, BA Comm Studies/Theatre 090199
P-MS-COED: Commerce and Economic Development, MS Commerce & Economic Developmnt 450603
BA-CMME: Communication and Media Studies, BA Communication & Media Studies 090199
BA-CMMS: Communication Studies and Media and Screen Studies, BA Communication St/Media Screen 090199
BA-CMSO: Communication Studies and Sociology, BA Communication Stud./Sociology 090199
BA-CMST: Communication Studies, BA Communication Studies 090101
BS-CSBA: Computer Science and Business Administration, BS Comp Sci/Business Admin 110101
BS-CSCP: Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology, BS Comp Sci/Cognitive Psyc 110101
BS-CSMA: Computer Science and Mathematics, BS Comp Sci/Mathematics 110101
CERTG-COSS: Computational Social Science, Graduate Certificate Computational Social Science 305202
BSCMPE-CMPE: Computer Engineering, BSCompE Computer Engineering 140901
PHD-CMPE: Computer Engineering, PhD Computer Engineering 140901
PHD-CMPE-A: Computer Engineering, PhD-Advanced Entry Computer Engineering 140901
BSCMPE-CMPH: Computer Engineering and Physics, BSCompE Computer Engineering/Physics 140901
BSCMPE-CECS: Computer Engineering and Computer Science, BSCompE Computer Engr/Computer Science 140901
P-CERTG-CIWR: Computer Industry Writing, Graduate Certificate Computer Industry Writing 090908
BS-CSPO: Computer Science and Political Science, BS Computer Sci./ Political Sci. 110101
BS-CSBN: Computer Science and Behavioral Neuroscience, BS Computer Sci/Behavior Neurosci 110101
BS-CSCS: Computer Science and Communication Studies, BS Computer Sci/Communication Stu 110101
BS-CSCJ: Computer Science and Criminal Justice, BS Computer Sci/Criminal Justice 110101
BS-CSEN: Computer Science and Environmental Science, BS Computer Sci/Environment Sci 110101
BS-CGDV: Computer Science and Game Development, BS Computer Sci/Game Development 110101
BS-CSMU-MUTE: Computer Science and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Computer Sci/Music 110101
BS-CSMU-MUTE: Computer Science and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Computer Sci/Music 110101
BS-CSPL: Computer Science and Philosophy, BS Computer Sci/Philosophy 110101
BS-CSPY: Computer Science and Physics, BS Computer Sci/Physics 110101
BS-CSSO: Computer Science and Sociology, BS Computer Sci/Sociology 110101
BACS-CSCI: Computer Science, BACS Computer Science 110101
BSCS-CSCI: Computer Science, BSCS Computer Science 110101
CERTG-CSCI: Computer Science, Graduate Certificate Computer Science 110101
MSCS-CSCI: Computer Science, MSCS Computer Science 110101
MSCS-CSCI-AL: Computer Science, MSCS—Align Computer Science 110101
PHD-CSCI: Computer Science, PhD Computer Science 110101
PHD-CSCI-A: Computer Science, PhD—Advanced Entry Computer Science 110101
BS-CSBI: Computer Science and Biology, BS Computer Science/Biology 110101
BS-CSDE: Computer Science and Design, BS Computer Science/Design 110101
BS-CSEC: Computer Science and Economics, BS Computer Science/Economics 110101
BS-CSEG: Computer Science and English, BS Computer Science/English 110101
BS-CSHI: Computer Science and History, BS Computer Science/History 110101
BS-CSJO: Computer Science and Journalism, BS Computer Science/Journalism 110101
BS-CSLI: Computer Science and Linguistics, BS Computer Science/Linguistics 110101
BS-CSME: Computer Science and Media Arts, BS Computer Science/Media Arts 110101
MSCSE-CMSE: Computer Systems Engineering with Concentration in Software Design Engineering, MSCSE Computer System Engineering 140903
P-CERTG-CONM: Construction Management, Graduate Certificate Construction Management 460412
P-MS-CORC: Corporate and Organizational Communication, MS Corporate & Org Communication 090101
CERTG-COFN: Corporate Finance, Graduate Certificate Corporate Finance 520801
CERTG-COFN-O: Corporate Finance, Graduate Certificate—Online Corporate Finance 520801
CERTG-CPRN: Corporate Renewal, Graduate Certificate Corporate Renewal 520799
CERTG-CPRN-O: Corporate Renewal, Graduate Certificate—Online Corporate Renewal 520799
CAGS-COPS: Counseling Psychology, CAGS Counseling Psychology 422803
MSCP-COPS: Counseling Psychology, MSCP Counseling Psychology 422803
PHD-COPS-MSE: Counseling Psychology, PhD Counseling Psychology 422803
MS-CPLD: Creative Practice Leadership, MS Creative Practice Leadership 509999
BS-CRJS: Criminal Justice, BS Criminal Justice 430104
P-MS-CRJS: Criminal Justice, MS Criminal Justice 430104
BS-CRJO: Criminal Justice and Journalism, BS Criminal Justice/Journalism 430104
BS-CJPH: Criminal Justice and Philosophy, BS Criminal Justice/Philosophy 430104
BS-CRPO: Criminal Justice and Political Science, BS Criminal Justice/Political Sci 430104
BS-CJPS: Criminal Justice and Psychology, BS Criminal Justice/Psychology 430199
BS-CRSO: Criminal Justice and Sociology, BS Criminal Justice/Sociology 430104
MS-CRCJ: Criminology and Criminal Justice, MS Criminology & Criminal Justice 430104
PHD-CRJP: Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD Criminology and Justice Policy 430104
PHD-CRJP-A: Criminology and Justice Policy, PhD-Advanced Entry Criminology and Justice Policy 430104
P-CERTG-CCCM: Cross-Cultural Communication, Graduate Certificate Cross-Cultural Communication 090100
BA-CUAN: Cultural Anthropology, BA Cultural Anthropology 451101
BS-CUAN: Cultural Anthropology, BS Cultural Anthropology 451101
BA-CUTH: Cultural Anthropology and Theatre, BA Cultural Anthropology/Theatre 451101
CERTG-CUEN: Cultural Entrepreneurship, Graduate Certificate Cultural Entrepreneurship 501099
MS-CYPS: Cyber-Physical Systems, MS Cyber-Physical Systems 140903
BS-CYBS: Cybersecurity, BS Cybersecurity 111003
CERTG-CYBS: Cybersecurity, Graduate Certificate Cybersecurity 111003
MS-CYBS: Cybersecurity, MS Cybersecurity 111003
MS-CYBS-AL: Cybersecurity, MS—ALIGN Program Cybersecurity 111003
PHD-CYBS: Cybersecurity, PhD Cybersecurity 111003
PHD-CYBS-A: Cybersecurity, PhD—Advanced Entry Cybersecurity 111003
BS-CYBB: Cybersecurity and Business Administration, BS Cybersecurity/Business Admin 111003
BS-CYCJ: Cybersecurity and Criminal Justice, BS Cybersecurity/Criminal Justice 111003
BS-CYEC: Cybersecurity and Economics, BS Cybersecurity/Economics 111003
CERTG-DAAN: Data Analytics, Graduate Certificate Data Analytics 110802
CERTG-DAAE: Data Analytics Engineering, Graduate Certificate Data Analytics Engineering 149999
MS-DAAE: Data Analytics Engineering, MS Data Analytics Engineering 149999
MS-DAMG: Data Architecture and Management, MS Data Architecture & Management 110802
BS-DSEE: Data Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, BS Data Sci/Ecology & Evol Bio 110802
BS-DSEN: Data Science and Environmental Science, BS Data Sci/Environmental Sci 110802
BS-DASC: Data Science, BS Data Science 110802
MS-DASC: Data Science, MS Data Science 110802
MS-DASC-AL: Data Science, MS—ALIGN Program Data Science 110802
BS-DSBN: Data Science and Behavioral Neuroscience, BS Data Science/Behavioral Neuro 110802
BS-DSBC: Data Science and Biochemistry, BS Data Science/Biochemistry 110802
BS-DSBL: Data Science and Biology, BS Data Science/Biology 110802
BS-DSBA: Data Science and Business Administration, BS Data Science/Business Admin 110802
BS-DSEC: Data Science and Economics, BS Data Science/Economics 110802
BS-DSHS: Data Science and Health Science, BS Data Science/Health Science 110802
BS-DSJO: Data Science and Journalism, BS Data Science/Journalism 110802
BS-DSLI: Data Science and Linguistics, BS Data Science/Linguistics 110802
BS-DSMA: Data Science and Mathematics, BS Data Science/Mathematics 110802
BS-DSPH: Data Science and Physics, BS Data Science/Physics 110802
BS-DSPS: Data Science and Psychology, BS Data Science/Psychology 110802
BFA-DESN: Design, BFA Design 500409
P-BS-DIME: Digital Communication and Media, BS Digital Communication & Media 090702
CERTG-DHUM: Digital Humanities, Graduate Certificate Digital Humanities 240103
P-MPS-DGME: Digital Media, MPS Digital Media 090702
P-MPS-DGM-AL: Digital Media, MPS—Connect Digital Media 090702
P-CERTG-DGMM: Digital Media Management, Graduate Certificate Digital Media Management 100105
P-CERTG-DGVD: Digital Video, Graduate Certificate Digital Video 500602
CERTG-EINT: Early Intervention, Graduate Certificate Early Intervention 131099
BS-EEBI: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, BS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 261310
BA-ECON: Economics, BA Economics 450603
BS-ECON: Economics, BS Economics 450603
MS-ECON: Economics, MS Economics 450603
PHD-ECON: Economics, PhD Economics 450603
PHD-ECON-A: Economics, PhD—Advanced Entry Economics 450603
BS-ECBA: Economics and Business Administration, BS Economics/Business Admin 450603
BS-ECMA: Economics and Mathematics, BS Economics/Mathematics 450603
BS-ECPH: Economics and Philosophy, BS Economics/Philosophy 450603
BS-ECPS: Economics and Psychology, BS Economics/Psychology 450603
P-EDD-EDUC: Education, EDD Education 130101
P-MED-EDUC: Education, MEd Education 130101
P-CERTG-LRID: e-Learning and Instructional Design, Graduate Certificate eLearning & Instruct Desgn 130501
MSECEL-ECEL: Electrical and Computer Engineering Leadership, MSECEL Elec and Comp Engr Leadership 141001
BSEE-ELCE: Electrical and Computer Engineering, BSEE or BSCompE Electrical and Computer Engr 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Communications, Control, and Signal Processing, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Computer Networks and Security, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Computer Systems and Software, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Algorithms, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Electromagnetics, Plasma, and Optics, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Hardware and Software for Machine Intelligence, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Microsystems, Materials, and Devices, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
MSECE-ELEE: Electrical and Computer Engineering with Concentration in Power Systems, MSECE Electrical Engineering 141001
BSEE-ELEE: Electrical Engineering, BSEE Electrical Engineering 141001
PHD-ELEE: Electrical Engineering, PhD Electrical Engineering 141001
PHD-ELEE-A: Electrical Engineering, PhD-Advanced Entry Electrical Engineering 141001
BSEE-EEMU: Electrical Engineering and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BSEE Electrical Engineering/Music 141001
BSEE-EEPH: Electrical Engineering and Physics, BSEE Electrical Engineering/Physics 141001
P-MAT-ELED: Teaching, Elementary Licensure, MAT Elementary Education 131202
P-CERTG-EMMG: Emergency Management, Graduate Certificate Emergency Management 430302
CERTG-ENES: Energy Systems, Graduate Certificate Energy Systems 142701
MSENES-ENES: Energy Systems, MSENES Energy Systems 142701
MSENES-AL: Energy Systems, MSENES-Academic Link Program Energy Systems 142701
CERTG-ENSY: Energy Systems Management, Graduate Certificate Energy Systems Management 142701
MS-CEPP: Engineering and Public Policy, MS Engineering and Public Policy 140899
CERTG-ENBU: Engineering Business, Graduate Certificate Engineering Business 140101
CERTG-EEDM: Engineering Economic Decision Making, Graduate Certificate Engineering Economic Decision 140101
CERTG-ENLR: Engineering Leadership, Graduate Certificate Engineering Leadership 141001
CERTG-ENGM: Engineering Management, Graduate Certificate Engineering Management 140101
MSEM-ENGM: Engineering Management, MSEM Engineering Management 140101
CERTG-ETSM: Technology Systems Management, Graduate Certificate Engineering Tech Systems Mgmt 140101
BA-ENGL: English, BA English 230101
MA-ENGL: English, MA English 230101
PHD-ENGL: English, PhD English 230101
PHD-ENGL-A: English, PhD—Advanced Entry English 230101
BA-ENTH: English and Theatre, BA English/ Theatre 230101
BA-ENAN: English and Cultural Anthropology, BA English/Anthropology 230101
BA-ENCO: English and Communication Studies, BA English/Communication Studies 230101
BA-ENCJ: English and Criminal Justice, BA English/Criminal Justice 230101
BA-ENGD: English and Graphic and Information Design, BA English/Graphic & Info Design 230101
BA-EPHI: English and Philosophy, BA English/Philosophy 230101
BA-ENPS: English and Political Science, BA English/Political Science 230101
P-MPS-ENTI: Enterprise Intelligence, MPS Enterprise Intelligence 521301
BSENVE-ENHS: Environmental Engineering and Health Sciences, BSEnvE Environmental Eng/Health Sci 140801
BSENVE-ENVI: Environmental Engineering, BSEnvE Environmental Engineering 140801
MSENVE-ENVI: Environmental Engineering, MSENVE Environmental Engineering 140801
BS-ENVC: Environmental Science Environmental Science 030104
MS-ENPP: Environmental Science and Policy, MS Environmental Science & Policy 030103
BA-ENVS: Environmental Studies, BA Environmental Studies 030103
BS-ENSS: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, BS Environmtl & Sustain Sciences 030104
BSENVE-EELA: Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture, BSEnvE Environmtl Eng/Landscape Arch 140801
BS-ENSC: Environmental Science and Chemistry, BS Environmtl Sci/Chemistry 400601
BS-ENLA: Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture, BS Environmtl Sci/Landscape Arch 030103
BS-ENEC: Environmental Studies and Economics, BS Environmtl Studies/Economics 030103
BA-ENHI: Environmental Studies and History, BA Environmtl Studies/History 030103
BA-ENIA: Environmental Studies and International Affairs, BA Environmtl Studies/Intl Affair 030103
BA-ENPH: Environmental Studies and Philosophy, BA Environmtl Studies/Philosophy 030103
BA-ENPO: Environmental Studies and Political Science, BA Environmtl Studies/Politic Sci 030103
CERTG-EXSC: Exercise Science for Clinicians, Graduate Certificate Exercise Science 310505
MS-EXSC-PAPH: Exercise Science with Concentration in Physical Activity and Public Health, MS Exercise Science 310505
CERTG-EXPD: Experience Design, Graduate Certificate Experience Design 500499
MFA-EXPD: Experience Design, MFA Experience Design 500499
MS-EXPD: Experience Design, MS Experience Design 500499
CERTG-EPHD: Experiential PhD Leadership, Graduate Certificate Experiential PhD Leadership 520210
P-CERTG-EXTL: Experiential Teaching and Learning, Graduate Certificate Experiential Teach and Learn 130301
CERTG-EBIO: Experimental Biotechnology, Graduate Certificate Experimental Biotechnology 261201
MSF-FINA: Finance, MSF Finance 520801
MSF-FINA-E: Finance, MSF—Evening / Part-Time Program Finance 520801
MSF-FINA-O: Finance, MSF—Online Finance 520801
P-BS-FIAM: Finance and Accounting Management, BS Finance and Accounting Mgmt 520801
MSFMBA-FIBA: Finance and Business Administration, MSFMBA Finance/Business Admin 520801
MSFMBA-O: Finance and Business Administration, MSFMBA—Online Finance/Business Admin 520801
MSFMBA-E: Finance and Business Administration, MSFMBA—Part-Time Finance/Business Admin 520801
P-CERTG-FIMI: Financial Markets and Institutions, Graduate Certificate Financial Mkts and Inst 520899
P-CERTG-FACC: Forensic Accounting, Graduate Certificate Forensic Accounting 430106
P-CERTG-FDDV: Fundraising and Development, Graduate Certificate Fundraising and Development 520206
CERTG-GANY: Game Analytics, Graduate Certificate Game Analytics 270501
BFA-GAAN: Game Art and Animation, BFA Game Art and Animation 500605
BFA-GAME: Game Design, BFA Game Design 100304
P-CERTG-GMDS: Game Design, Graduate Certificate Game Design 100304
BS-GDMT: Game Design and Music with concentration in Music Technology, BS Game Design/Music Tech Conc 100304
BS-GDMT: Game Design and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Game Design/Music Tech Conc 100304
MS-GSAD: Game Science and Design, MS Game Science and Design 100304
P-CERTG-GINT: Geographic Information Systems, Graduate Certificate Geographic Information Tech 110103
P-MPS-GSPS: Geospatial Services, MPS Geospatial Services 110103
P-CERTG-GSIR: Global Studies and International Relations, Graduate Certificate Global Stu and Intl Relations 302001
P-MS-GSIR: Global Studies and International Relations, MS Global Stu and Intl Relations 302001
P-CERTG-GLSM: Global Student Mobility, Graduate Certificate Global Student Mobility 130701
BS-GIDM: Graphic and Information Design and Mathematics, BS Graphic and Info. Design/Math 500499
CERTG-HIME: Health Informatics Management and Exchange, Graduate Certificate Health Info Mgmt & Exchange 512706
CERTG-HISP: Health Informatics Privacy and Security, Graduate Certificate Health Info Privacy & Secu 512706
CERTG-HISE: Health Informatics Software Engineering, Graduate Certificate Health Info Software Eng 512706
MS-HEIN: Health Informatics, MS Health Informatics 512706
CERTG-HLAW: Health Law, Graduate Certificate Health Law 220208
CERTG-HLAP: Health Law and Policy, Graduate Certificate Health Law and Policy 220208
P-CERTG-HLMG: Health Management, Graduate Certificate Health Management 510799
BS-HLSC: Health Science, BS Health Science 510799
P-BS-HLSC: Health Science, BS Health Science 510799
BS-HSBA: Health Science and Business Administration, BS Health Science/Business Admin 510799
BS-HLCM: Health Science and Communication Studies, BS Health Science/Comm Studies 510799
BS-HSPS: Health Science and Psychology, BS Health Science/Psychology 510799
BS-HSSO: Health Science and Sociology, BS Health Science/Sociology 510799
CERTG-HCAP: Healthcare Administration and Policy, Graduate Certificate Healthcare Admin & Policy 521099
P-BS-HCAD: Healthcare Administration, BS Healthcare Administration 510701
CERTG-CLAW: Healthcare Compliance, Graduate Certificate Healthcare Compliance Law 220208
P-CERTG-HEDA: Higher Education Administration, Graduate Certificate Higher Education Admin 130406
P-MED-HEDA: Higher Education Administration, MEd Higher Education Admin 130406
BA-HIST: History, BA History 540101
BS-HIST: History, BS History 540101
MA-HIST: History, MA History 540101
PHD-HIST: History, PhD History 540101
PHD-HIST-A: History, PhD-Advanced Entry History 540101
BA-HICL: History, Culture, and Law, BA History, Culture, and Law 220000
BA-HIAS: History and Asian Studies, BA History/Asian Studies 540101
BA-HICJ: History and Criminal Justice, BA History/Criminal Justice 540101
BA-HICA: History and Cultural Anthropology, BA History/Cultural Anthrop 540101
BA-HIEC: History and Economics, BA History/Economics 540101
BS-HIEC: History and Economics, BS History/Economics 540101
BA-HIEN: History and English, BA History/English 540101
BA-HIPH: History and Philosophy, BA History/Philosophy 540101
BA-HIPS: History and Political Science, BA History/Political Science 540101
BA-HIRS: History and Religious Studies, BA History/Religious Studies 540101
P-MA-HOSE: Homeland Security, MA Homeland Security 430301
P-CERTG-HUIN: Human-Centered Informatics, Graduate Certificate Human Centered Informatics 110104
MS-HUFA: Human Factors, MS Human Factors 142701
PHD-HMRS: Human Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, PhD Human Movement & Rehab Science 512314
CERTG-HURL: Human Resources Law, Graduate Certificate Human Resources Law- Legal St. 220299
P-CERTG-HRMG: Human Resources Management, Graduate Certificate Human Resources Management 521001
P-MS-HRMG: Human Resources Management, MS Human Resources Management 521001
BA-HSVC: Human Services, BA Human Services 440000
BS-HSVC: Human Services, BS Human Services 440000
BA-HUSO: Human Services and Sociology, BA Human Services / Sociology 449999
BS-HUSO: Human Services and Sociology, BS Human Services / Sociology 449999
BA-HSCM: Human Services and Communication Studies, BA Human Services/Comm. Studies 440000
BS-HSCJ: Human Services and Criminal Justice, BS Human Services/Crim Justice 430199
BA-HSIA: Human Services and International Affairs, BA Human Services/Intl Affairs 440000
BSIE-INDE: Industrial Engineering, BSIE Industrial Engineering 143501
MSIE-INDE: Industrial Engineering, MSIE Industrial Engineering 143501
PHD-INDE: Industrial Engineering, PhD Industrial Engineering 143501
PHD-INDE-A: Industrial Engineering, PhD-Advanced Entry Industrial Engineering 143501
CERTG-IDEV: Information Design and Visualization, Graduate Certificate Info Design and Visualization 500401
MFA-IDDV: Information Design and Data Visualization, MFA Info Dsgn & Data Visualization 303101
MS-IDDV: Information Design and Data Visualization, MS Info Dsgn & Data Visualization 303101
P-CERTG-INSM: Information Security Management, Graduate Certificate Info Security Management 439999
P-MPS-INFM: Informatics, MPS Informatics 110104
CERTG-INET: Information Ethics, Graduate Certificate Information Ethics 380104
MSIS-INSY: Information Systems, MSIS Information Systems 140903
P-BS-INFT: Information Technology, BS Information Technology 110103
MS-INOV: Innovation, MS Innovation 520210
CERTG-IMGT: Innovation Management, Graduate Certificate Innovation Management 520210
P-CERTG-INHW: Integrative Health and Wellness, Graduate Certificate Integrative Health & Wellness 510001
CERTG-PLAW: Intellectual Property Law, Graduate Certificate Intellectual Property Law 220212
P-CERTG-INDS: Interactive Design, Graduate Certificate Interactive Design 110801
PHD-IDSM: Interdisciplinary Design and Media, PhD Interdisciplinary Dsgn & Media 500401
PHD-INTE: Interdisciplinary Engineering, PhD Interdisciplinary Engineering 140101
BA-INAF: International Affairs with African Studies Concentration, BA International Affairs 450901
BA-INAF: International Affairs with Asian Studies Concentration, BA International Affairs 450901
BA-INAF: International Affairs with European Studies Concentration, BA International Affairs 450901
BA-INAF: International Affairs with Latin American Studies Concentration, BA International Affairs 450901
BA-INAF: International Affairs with Middle East Studies Concentration, BA International Affairs 450901
BA-INAF: International Affairs, BA International Affairs 450901
MA-INAF: International Affairs, MA International Affairs 450901
BA-IAHI: International Affairs and History, BA International Affairs/History 450901
BSIB-INBU-X: International Business, BSIB International Business 521101
BSIB-INBU-NX: International Business, BSIB International Business 521101
CERTG-INBU: International Business, Graduate Certificate International Business 521101
CERTG-INBU-O: International Business, Graduate Certificate—Online International Business 521101
MSIB-INBU: International Business, MSIB International Business 521101
MS-INMA: International Management, MS International Management 520101
BA-IARS: International Affairs and Religious Studies, BA Interntl Affairs/Religious Stu 450901
BA-IAAN: International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology, BA Intl Affairs/Anthropology 450901
BA-IACJ: International Affairs and Criminal Justice, BA Intl Affairs/Criminal Justice 450901
BA-IAEC: International Affairs and Economics, BA Intl Affairs/Economics 450604
BS-IAIB: International Affairs and International Business, BS Intl Affairs/Intl Business 450901
CERTG-INVS: Investments, Graduate Certificate Investments 520807
CERTG-TIPS: IP Telephony Systems, Graduate Certificate IP/Telephony Systems 110901
BA-JESR: Jewish Studies and Religion, BA Jewish Studies/Religion 380206
BA-JOUR: Journalism, BA Journalism 090401
MA-JOUR: Journalism, MA Journalism 090401
BA-JOEN: Journalism and English, BA Journalism/ English 090401
BS-JLID: Journalism and Interaction Design, BS Journalism/Interaction Design 090401
BA-JOPO: Journalism and Political Science, BA Journalism/Political Science 090401
BLA-LARC: Landscape Architecture, BLA Landscape Architecture 040601
JD-LAW: Law, JD Law 220101
LLM-LAW-T: Law, LLM Law 220101
LLM-LAW: Law, LLM—Experiential Law 220101
LLM-LAW-O: Law, LLM—Online Law 220101
P-DLP-LAPO: Law And Policy, DLP Law and Policy 229999
P-BS-LEAD: Leadership, BS Leadership 520213
P-CERTG-LEAD: Leadership, Graduate Certificate Leadership 520213
P-MS-LEAD: Leadership, MS Leadership 520213
P-CERTU-LEAD: Leadership, Undergraduate Certificate Leadership 520213
CERTG-LDHC: Leadership and Human Capital, Graduate Certificate Leadership and Human Capital 521099
P-CERTG-PMTE: Leading and Managing Technical Projects, Graduate Certificate Leadng & Managng Tech Projects 520211
CERTG-LEAN: Lean Six Sigma, Graduate Certificate Lean Six Sigma 140101
P-CERTG-LRNA: Learning Analytics, Graduate Certificate Learning Analytics 130601
MLS-LEGS: Legal Studies, MLS—Online Legal Studies 229999
P-BS-LIBS: Liberal Studies, BS Liberal Studies 240101
BS-LING: Linguistics, BS Linguistics 160102
BS-LICA: Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology, BS Linguistics / Cultural Anthro 450204
BA-LIEN: Linguistics and English, BA Linguistics / English 160102
BS-LIPS: Linguistics and Psychology, BS Linguistics / Psychology 160102
BA-LICS: Linguistics and Communication Studies, BA Linguistics/Comm Studies 160102
BS-LISL: Linguistics and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, BS Linguistics/Speech-Lng Pth Aud 160102
P-BS-MGMT: Management, BS Management 520201
CERTG-MQOB: Manufacturing and Quality Operations in Biotechnology, Graduate Certificate Manuf & Qual Oper in Biotech 512010
MS-MRES: Marine and Environmental Sciences, MS Marine & Environment Sciences 030104
PHD-MRES: Marine and Environmental Sciences, PhD Marine & Environment Sciences 030104
PHD-MRES-A: Marine and Environmental Sciences, PhD—Advanced Entry Marine & Environment Sciences 030104
BS-MARB: Marine Biology, BS Marine Biology 261302
MS-MARB: Marine Biology, MS-Three Seas Program Marine Biology 261302
CERTG-MKTG: Marketing, Graduate Certificate Marketing 521401
CERTG-MKTG-O: Marketing, Graduate Certificate—Online Marketing 521401
CERTG-MKAN: Marketing Analytics, Graduate Certificate Marketing Analytics 521402
BA-MATH: Mathematics, BA Mathematics 270101
BS-MATH: Mathematics, BS Mathematics 270101
MS-MATH: Mathematics, MS Mathematics 270101
PHD-MATH: Mathematics, PhD Mathematics 270101
PHD-MATH-A: Mathematics, PhD-Advanced Entry Mathematics 270101
BS-MAAN: Mathematics and Cultural Anthropology, BS Mathematics/Anthropology 270101
BS-MABA: Mathematics and Business Administration, BS Mathematics/Busines Admin 270101
BS-MAPH: Mathematics and Physics, BS Mathematics/Physics 270101
BS-MAPO: Mathematics and Political Science, BS Mathematics/Political Science 270101
BS-MAPY: Mathematics and Psychology, BS Mathematics/Psychology 270101
BS-MASO: Mathematics and Sociology, BS Mathematics/Sociology 270101
MSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering with Concentration in General Mechanical Engineering, MSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
MSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering with Concentration in Materials Science, MSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
MSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering with Concentration in Mechanics and Design, MSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
MSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering with Concentration in Mechatronics, MSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
MSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering with Concentration in Thermofluids, MSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
BSME-MECE: Mechanical Engineering, BSME Mechanical Engineering 141901
PHD-MECE: Mechanical Engineering, PhD Mechanical Engineering 141901
PHD-MECE-A: Mechanical Engineering, PhD-Advanced Entry Mechanical Engineering 141901
BSME-MEDS: Mechanical Engineering and Design, BSME Mechanical Engineering/Design 141901
BSME-MEPH: Mechanical Engineering and Physics, BSME Mechanical Engineering/Physics 141901
P-BS-MTRO: Mechatronics, BS Mechatronics 144201
BA-MSPH: Media and Screen Studies and Philosophy, BA Media & Screen Stud/Philosophy 090199
BA-MSHI: Media and Screen Studies and History, BA Media & Screen Studies/History 090199
MS-MEDA: Media Advocacy, MS Media Advocacy 099999
BA-MSST: Media and Screen Studies, BA Media and Screen Studies 090199
BFA-MART: Media Arts, BFA Media Arts 500102
BA-MACM: Media Arts and Communication Studies, BA Media Arts/Communication Stud. 500102
BA-MSJO: Media and Screen Studies and Journalism, BA Media Screen Stu/Journalism 090199
BA-MSPO: Media and Screen Studies and Political Science, BA Media Screen Stu/Political Sci 090199
BA-MSSO: Media and Screen Studies and Sociology, BA Media Screen Stu/Sociology 090199
BA-MSTH: Media and Screen Studies and Theatre, BA Media Screen Stu/Theatre 090199
BS-MSTH: Media and Screen Studies and Theatre, BS Media Screen Stu/Theatre 090199
BA-MSMA: Media and Screen Studies and Media Arts, BA Media Screen Stud./Media Arts 090199
BA-MSEN: Media and Screen Studies and English, BA Media Screen Studies/English 090199
P-CERTG-MDRA: Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs, Graduate Certificate Medical Device Regulatory Aff. 512799
MS-MEDC: Medicinal Chemistry, MS Medicinal Chemistry 512004
PHD-MEDC: Medicinal Chemistry, PhD Medicinal Chemistry 512004
PHD-MEDC-A: Medicinal Chemistry, PhD—Advanced Entry Medicinal Chemistry 512004
CERTG-MOBI: Molecular Biotechnology, Graduate Certificate Molecular Biotechnology 261201
BS-MUSI-MUID: Music with Concentration in Music Industry, BS Music 500901
BS-MUSI-MUTE: Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Music 500901
BS-MUSI-MUTE: Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Music 500901
BA-MUSI: Music, BA Music 500901
BS-MUCM: Music and Communication Studies with Concentration in Music Industry, BS Music/Communication Studies 500901
BS-MUCM: Music and Communication Studies with Concentration in Music Industry, BS Music/Communication Studies 500901
CERTG-MFMG: Mutual Fund Management, Graduate Certificate Mutual Fund Management 520807
CERTG-NNMD: Nanomedicine, Graduate Certificate Nanomedicine 151601
PHD-NETS: Network Science, PhD Network Science 300601
P-CERTG-NCBR: Nonclinical Biomedical Product Regulation, Graduate Certificate Nonclinical Biomed Product Reg 512002
P-CERTG-NPMG: Nonprofit Management, Graduate Certificate Nonprofit Management 520206
P-MS-NPMG: Nonprofit Management, MS Nonprofit Management 520206
CERTG-NPSC: Nonprofit Sector, Philanthropy, and Social Change, Graduate Certificate Nonprof-Philanth-Social Change 520206
DNP-CRNA: Nursing Practice with Concentration in Nurse Anesthesia, DNP Nursing 513801
DNP-NURS: Nursing Practice, DNP (Post-Master's) Nursing 513801
BSN-NURS: Nursing, BSN Nursing 513801
BSN-NURS-2: Nursing, BSN—Accelerated Program for Second-Degree Students Nursing 513801
MS-NURS-DE: Nursing, MS—Direct Entry Nursing 513801
PHD-NURS: Nursing, PhD Nursing 513801
PHD-NURS-MSE: Nursing, PhD—Advanced Entry (Post-MSN) Nursing 513801
CAGS-CCAC: Nursing—Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-CCAC: Nursing—Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care, MS Nursing 513801
CAGS-PCAN: Nursing—Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-PCAN: Nursing—Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, MS Nursing 513801
MS-PCFN: Nursing—Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, MS Nursing 513801
CAGS-CCNN: Nursing—Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-CCNN: Nursing—Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, MS Nursing 513801
CAGS-PEPA: Nursing—Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Acute and Primary Care, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-PEPA: Nursing—Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Acute and Primary Care, MS Nursing 513801
CAGS-PEAC: Nursing—Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care, CAGS Nursing 513801
CAGS-PEPC: Nursing—Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-PEPC: Nursing—Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care, MS Nursing 513801
CAGS-PSMH: Nursing—Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, CAGS Nursing 513801
MS-PSMH: Nursing—Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, MS Nursing 513801
CERTG-NURI: Nursing Informatics, Graduate Certificate Nursing Informatics 512706
MSOR-OPRE: Operations Research, MSOR Operations Research 143701
MSOR-OPRE-AS: Operations Research, MSOR Operations Research 143701
P-CERTG-ORGC: Organizational Communication, Graduate Certificate Organizational Communication 090101
P-CERTG-ORPT: Advanced Study In Orthopedics, Graduate Certificate Orthopedic Physical Therapy 512399
PHD-PHEI: Personal Health Informatics, PhD Personal Health Informatics 512706
PHD-BIOM-A: Biomedical Sciences, PhD—Advanced Entry Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
BS-PHSC: Pharmaceutical Sciences, BS Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
MS-PHSC: Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
PHD-PHSC: Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
PHD-PHSC-A: Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD—Advanced Entry Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
PHD-PHAC-A: Pharmacology, PhD—Advanced Entry Pharmaceutical Sciences 512010
CERTG-PHTE: Pharmaceutical Technologies, Graduate Certificate Pharmaceutical Technologies 261201
MS-PHAC: Pharmacology, MS Pharmacology 261001
PHD-PHAC: Pharmacology, PhD Pharmacology 261001
PHARMD-G: Pharmacy, PharmD Pharmacy 512001
PHARMD-G-DE: Pharmacy, PharmD—Direct Entry Pharmacy 512001
PHARMD-U: Pharmacy Studies, BS Pharmacy Studies 512001
BA-PHIL: Philosophy, BA Philosophy 380101
BS-PHIL: Philosophy, BS Philosophy 380101
DPT-PHTH-DE: Physical Therapy, DPT—Postbaccalaureate Entry Physical Therapy 512308
P-DPT-PHTH: Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT Physical Therapy 512308
P-DPT-PHT-DE: Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT—Direct Entry Physical Therapy 512308
MS-PHAS: Physician Assistant Studies, MS Physician Assistant 510912
BS-PHYS: Physics, BS Physics 400801
MS-PHYS: Physics, MS Physics 400801
PHD-PHYS: Physics, PhD Physics 400801
PHD-PHYS-A: Physics, PhD-Advanced Entry Physics 400801
BS-PHMU: Physics and Music with Concentration in Music Technology, BS Physics/Music 400801
BS-PHPH: Physics and Philosophy, BS Physics/Philosophy 400801
BA-POLI: Political Science, BA Political Science 451001
BS-POLI: Political Science, BS Political Science 451001
MA-POLI: Political Science, MA Political Science 451001
PHD-POLI: Political Science, PhD Political Science 451001
PHD-POLI-A: Political Science, PhD-Advanced Entry Political Science 451001
BS-POBA: Political Science and Business Administration, BS Political Science/Business Adm 451001
BA-POCM: Political Science and Communication Studies, BA Political Science/Comm Studies 451001
BS-POCM: Political Science and Communication Studies, BS Political Science/Comm Studies 451001
BA-POEC: Political Science and Economics, BA Political Science/Economics 451001
BS-POEC: Political Science and Economics, BS Political Science/Economics 450603
BA-POHS: Political Science and Human Services, BA Political Science/HumanService 451001
BS-POHS: Political Science and Human Services, BS Political Science/HumanService 451001
BA-POIA: Political Science and International Affairs, BA Political Science/Intl Affairs 451001
BA-POPL: Political Science and Philosophy, BA Political Science/Philosophy 451001
BS-POPL: Political Science and Philosophy, BS Political Science/Philosophy 451001
BS-PSPE: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS Politics/Philosophy/Economics 451099
PHD-POHE: Population Health, PhD Population Health 512299
P-CERTG-PTSC: Port Security, Graduate Certificate Port Security 430301
CERTG-PLEJ: Poverty Law and Economic Justice, Graduate Certificate Poverty Law & Economic Justice 220299
P-CERTU-PMED: Pre-Medical Studies, Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate Pre-Medical Studies 511102
P-CERTU-PRMA: Principles of Manufacturing, Undergraduate Certificate Principles of Manufacturing 150613
CERTG-PRVL: Privacy Law, Graduate Certificate Privacy Law 220299
CERTG-PSEN: Process Safety Engineering, Graduate Certificate Process Safety Engineering 140799
CERTG-PRSC: Process Science, Graduate Certificate Process Sciences 261201
MSAMBA-PRAC: Accounting and Business Administration, MSAMBA Professional Accounting 520301
P-CERTG-PSAD: Professional Sports Administration, Graduate Certificate Professional Sports Administra 310504
P-CERTG-PBUA: Project Business Analysis, Graduate Certificate Project Business Analysis 521302
P-BS-PMGT: Project Management, BS Project Management 521301
P-CERTG-PMGT: Project Management, Graduate Certificate Project Management 521301
P-MS-PMGT: Project Management, MS Project Management 521301
BS-PSYC: Psychology, BS Psychology 422799
P-BS-PSYC: Psychology, BS Psychology 422799
PHD-PSYC: Psychology, PhD Psychology 422799
PHD-PSYC-A: Psychology, PhD-Advanced Entry Psychology 422799
BS-PSMU: Psychology and Music, BS Psychology/Music 422799
MPA-PUAD: Public Administration, MPA Public Administration 440401
P-CERTG-PUMR: Public and Media Relations, Graduate Certificate Public and Media Relations 090102
MPH-PUHE: Public Health, MPH Public Health 512201
CERTG-PUHI: Public History, Graduate Certificate Public History 540105
MPP-PUPL: Public Policy, MPP Public Policy 440401
PHD-PUPL: Public Policy, PhD Public Policy 440401
PHD-PUPL-A: Public Policy, PhD-Advanced Entry Public Policy 440401
CERTG-PUPA: Public Policy Analysis, Graduate Certificate Public Policy Analysis 440501
P-CERTG-QABM: Quality Assurance in Biomedical Product Regulation, Graduate Certificate Quality Assurance Biomedical 512002
MSFMBA-QFBA: Quantitative Finance and Business Administration, MSFMBA Quant Finance/Business Admin 270305
MSF-QFIN: Quantitative Finance, MSF Quantitative Finance 270305
P-MS-REAF: Regulatory Affairs, MS Regulatory Affairs 512009
CERTG-RESC: Regulatory Science, Graduate Certificate Regulatory Science 512004
BA-REST: Religious Studies, BA Religious Studies 380201
BA-RSAS: Religious Studies and Africana Studies, BA Religious Studies/Africana St. 380201
P-CERTG-RESE: Remote Sensing, Graduate Certificate Remote Sensing 450799
CERTG-ERES: Renewable Energy, Graduate Certificate Renewable Energy Systems 142701
P-MS-RECL: Respiratory Care Leadership, MS Respiratory Care Leadership 510908
P-CERTG-RSPC: Respiratory Specialty Practice, Graduate Certificate Respiratory Specialty Prac 510908
MS-ROBO: Robotics, MS Robotics 144201
MS-AEPP/CAGS-SCPS: School Psychology, MS/CAGS School Psychology 422805
PHD-SCPS-BSE: School Psychology, PhD School Psychology 422805
PHD-SCPS-MSE: School Psychology, PhD—Advanced Entry School Psychology 422805
P-MAT-SCED: Teaching, Secondary Licensure, MAT Secondary Education 131205
CERTG-SERE: Security and Resilience Studies, Graduate Certificate Security & Resilience Studies 450999
MS-SERE: Security and Resilience Studies, MS Security & Resilience Studies 450999
P-CERTG-SOME: Social Media and Online Communities, Graduate Certificate Social Media/Online Community 090101
BA-SOCI: Sociology, BA Sociology 451101
BS-SOCI: Sociology, BS Sociology 451101
MA-SOCI: Sociology, MA Sociology 451101
PHD-SOCI: Sociology, PhD Sociology 451101
PHD-SOCI-A: Sociology, PhD-Advanced Entry Sociology 451101
BA-SOCA: Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, BA Sociology/Cultural Anthrop 451101
BS-SOCA: Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, BS Sociology/Cultural Anthrop 451101
BA-SOES: Sociology and Environmental Studies, BA Sociology/Envr. Studies 451101
BA-SOIA: Sociology and International Affairs, BA Sociology/Int'l Affairs 451101
BA-SOPO: Sociology and Political Science, BA Sociology/Political Science 459999
CERTG-SWES: Software Engineering Systems, Graduate Certificate Software Engineering Systems 140903
MS-SWES: Software Engineering Systems, MS Software Engineering Systems 140903
BA-SPAN: Spanish, BA Spanish 160905
BA-SPIA: Spanish and International Affairs, BA Spanish/ Interntional Affairs 160905
BS-SLPA: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, BS Speech-Lang Pathol/Audiology 510204
MS-SLPT: Speech-Language Pathology, MS Speech-Language Pathology 510204
P-MSLD-SPLE: Sports Leadership, MSLD Sports Leadership 310504
P-MA-STIA: Strategic Intelligence and Analysis, MA Strategic Intel. & Analysis 430399
BFA-STAR: Studio Art, BFA Studio Art 500702
CERTG-SCEM: Supply Chain Engineering Management, Graduate Certificate Supply Chain Engineering Mgmt 140101
CERTG-SUPC: Supply Chain Management, Graduate Certificate Supply Chain Management 520203
CERTG-SUPC-O: Supply Chain Management, Graduate Certificate—Online Supply Chain Management 520203
CERTG-SUCP: Sustainability and Climate Change Policy, Graduate Certificate Sustain & Climate Chnge Policy 440501
MSSBS-SUBS: Sustainable Building Systems, MSSBS Sustainable Building Systems 149999
CERTG-SESY: Sustainable Energy Systems, Graduate Certificate Sustainable Energy Systems 142701
MDES-SUEN1: Master of Design for Sustainable Urban Environments—One-Year Program Sustainable Urban Environments 040401
MDES-SUEN: Master of Design for Sustainable Urban Environments—Two-Year Program Sustainable Urban Environments 040401
MST-TAXA: Taxation, MST Taxation 521601
MST-TAXA-O: Taxation, MST—Online Taxation 521601
CERTG-TECE: Technological Entrepreneurship, Graduate Certificate Technological Entrepreneurship 520701
MS-TECE: Technological Entrepreneurship, MS Technological Entrepreneurship 520701
CERTG-TELD: Technology Leadership, Graduate Certificate Technology Leadership 520216
MS-TNET: Telecommunication Networks, MS Telecommunication Networks 110901
BA-THEA: Theatre, BA Theatre 500501
BS-THEA: Theatre, BS Theatre 500501
BA-THID: Theatre and Interaction Design, BA Theatre/Interaction Design 500501
BS-THID: Theatre and Interaction Design, BS Theatre/Interaction Design 500501
CERTG-URBA: Urban Analytics, Graduate Certificate Urban Analytics 451201
MS-URBI: Urban Informatics, MS Urban Informatics 111099
MS-URPP: Urban Planning and Policy, MS Urban Planning and Policy 451201
CERTG-URBN: Urban Studies, Graduate Certificate Urban Studies 451201
P-CERTG-USAB: Usability, Graduate Certificate Usability 111004
CERTG-WGSL: Women, Gender, Sexuality, and the Law, Graduate Certificate Women, Gender, Sexuality & Law 220299
CERTG-WOST: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Graduate Certificate Women's Gender & Sexuality Stu 050207