Spanish - CPS (SPN)

SPN 6610. Advanced Spanish Language and Culture through Latino Film. 4 Hours.

Discusses cultural components of countries of the Hispanic world using selected films from Spanish-speaking countries including Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Films viewed for this course present a wide variety of themes, genres, and the day-to-day cultural experiences, such as life in Castro’s Cuba, the Spanish Civil War, the Mexican Revolution, and dictatorships in Argentina and Peru. Spanish-language classroom discussion explores expression of affection, feelings, nonverbal communication, and body language of the Hispanic world through the lens of film.

SPN 6620. Medical Spanish for School Nurses. 4 Hours.

Offers a basic course designed to provide school nurses with the fundamentals of the Spanish language and with the medical terminology that is important to their work. With a growing Hispanic population in our schools, the need for school nurses to have a grasp of medical Spanish is increasingly evident. Offers participants an opportunity to learn how to discuss basic health problems, eating habits, exercise, and leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as to gain the tools necessary to communicate with their students at a basic level and to master some essential vocabulary.

SPN 6962. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. May be repeated without limit.