Physical Education - CPS (PHE)

PHE 6502. Moving Toward Wellness. 4 Hours.

Offers ways to initiate a progressive, programmatic shift toward the “wellness model approach” of contemporary health and wellness activities. Traditional school programs in health and physical education are being challenged to design and structure curricular offerings and instruction to better meet the health and wellness needs of students. Explores the future directions of “quality” health and physical education programs and examines wellness programming. Involves students with activities such as tai chi, wellness in athletics, and nutrition and wellness. Focuses on contemporary health and wellness initiatives currently being implemented.

PHE 6505. Implementing Technology into Your Physical Education Program. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to explore knowledge and skills relative to many different hardware and software solutions that pertain to “new” physical education program initiatives. Developing the ability to understand and apply technology within health and wellness curricula requires an upgrade of perspectives and skills in this area. Consequently, this course takes a hands-on approach so teachers have an opportunity to implement immediately the use of technology in their day-to-day teaching.

PHE 6506. Strategies for Building Movement into the Elementary Physical Education Program. 4 Hours.

Explores hands-on activities to facilitate movement education, rhythm and dance, sports concepts, and cooperative activities useful in curriculum implementation. Utilizing “The Skill, Theme, and Movement Concepts Approach,” offers participants an opportunity to teach their students the language of movement and not just the movement itself.

PHE 6962. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. May be repeated without limit.