NAVY 1001. Naval Science Laboratory. 0 Hours.

Focuses on either drill instruction or practical work to complement classroom instruction. Must be taken in each class semester by all NROTC nursing students.

NAVY 1101. Introduction to Naval Science. 2 Hours.

Presents a general introduction to the naval profession and the concepts of sea power. Emphasizes the mission, organization, and warfare components of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Includes an overview of officer and enlisted ranks and rates, training and education, and career patterns. Also covers naval courtesy and customs, military justice, leadership, and nomenclature. Exposes the student to the professional competencies required to become a naval officer.

NAVY 4101. Naval Operations and Seamanship. 3 Hours.

Offers a capstone course for senior midshipmen in advanced navigation, communications, naval operations, and naval warfare. Offers students an opportunity to learn through simulation in a computer classroom.

NAVY 4501. Leadership and Management. 2 Hours.

Studies at an advanced level organizational behavior and management in the context of the naval organization. Topics include the management functions of planning, organizing, and controlling; individual and group behavior in organization; and motivation and leadership. Explores major behavioral theories in detail. Investigates practical applications by the use of experiential exercises, case studies, and lab discussions. Develops other topics including decision making, communication, responsibility, authority, and accountability.