Modern Languages - CPS (LNG)

LNG 6506. Teaching Modern Languages Through the Creative Arts. 4 Hours.

Explores the use of the arts to teach modern languages. The arts are student centered and promote the internalization of grammatical concepts and create a natural environment for vocabulary acquisition. Topics include visual art, poetry, drama, storytelling, music, and dance and movement. References the Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework along with concepts of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, and authentic assessment. Examples are presented in French and Spanish but can be applied to any language. The specific grammatical concepts and vocabulary covered are participant driven.

LNG 6516. Using Technology to Teach Modern Languages. 4 Hours.

Designed to expose modern-language teachers to twenty-first century technologies as a method of modern language instruction. Seeks to help students navigate the fast-changing world of new technologies and achieve a comfort level using the gadget, software program, or tool that can enhance their instruction. This project-based-learning (PBL) hands-on course provides participants with ways to evaluate, create, integrate, and adapt several Web tools to their portfolio of teaching strategies. Offers participants an opportunity to explore the use of technologies such as podcasts, videocasts, social networks, weblogs, wikis, and other collaborative tools.

LNG 6615. The Five Cs: Teaching in a Standards-Based Modern-Languages Classroom. 4 Hours.

Seeks to strengthen foreign language instruction for all types of learners by examining the five standards: communication, cultures, comparisons, connections, and communities. The Massachusetts Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework is referenced throughout the course, but teachers outside Massachusetts are encouraged to provide their own state’s standards. Offers participants an opportunity to create a wide variety of standards-based activities, lessons, and assessments for immediate classroom use. To meet the standard’s strands, topics include Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, classroom management strategies, and the creative arts. Participants are required to bring their own copy of their state’s Foreign Languages Framework as well as curricula and related materials.

LNG 6660. Using Technology to Enhance Materials Development for the Modern Languages Classroom. 4 Hours.

Offers a course appropriate for the more advanced technology user. Covers many different aspects of how to create and develop instructional materials using Microsoft Office tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Offers participants an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how technology and media can be integrated into language classes as an aid to improving student performance and to explore the design of materials using technology as a tool to better support teaching and the learning. Emphasizes students with different learning styles.

LNG 6962. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. May be repeated without limit.