Leadership Studies - CPS Specialty (LDSH)

LDSH 1001. Assessing Leadership Capabilities. 3 Hours.

Begins by recognizing that organizations are only as effective as the individuals who work in them. Focuses on enhancing students’ individual awareness, reflection, and effectiveness as leaders. Offers participants, through a focus on self assessment, an opportunity to appreciate the differences between themselves and others and to deepen their understanding of what motivates people in the working environment. This program orientation introduces students to the methodologies and processes that are essential aspects of leadership: competency development and planning, action learning, and mentoring. In addition, students are assessed on their leadership capabilities and are expected to use these outcomes to determine their focus for development.

LDSH 1010. Establishing the Framework: What Is Leadership?. 3 Hours.

Explores both classic and contemporary models of leadership. Providing the foundation from which the other program elements build, this course asks the essential questions, “What is leadership?” “What does it take to be a leader?” and asks of students, “What does it take to be a leader in my organization?” As the nature of leadership is multidimensional, a single definition is insufficient. Analyzes the nature of leadership through various perspectives. Offers students an opportunity to deepen and enrich their appreciation of the complexity of leadership, ongoing feedback from their peers, and opportunities for growth and development.