Intellectual Property - CPS (ITP)

ITP 5976. Directed Study. 1-4 Hours.

Offers independent work under the direction of members of the department on a chosen topic.

ITP 5978. Independent Study. 1-4 Hours.

Offers independent work under the direction of members of the department on a chosen topic.

ITP 5984. Research. 1-4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to conduct research under faculty supervision.

ITP 6210. Introduction to Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets. 4 Hours.

Presents an overview of intellectual property, its history, and underlying economic policies and proceeds to the substantive law of trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, domain names, and unfair competition. Covers the acquisition, infringement, remedies and defenses, licensing, and valuation of the subject intellectual property for each of these topics.

ITP 6220. Copyright Law. 4 Hours.

Covers the fundamentals of copyright and proceeds to the creation and registration for both print- and media-based materials from the point of view of the author and the user, infringement, civil and criminal remedies, fair use and defenses, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, licensing (including mandatory licensing), and valuation. Copyright law remains the single most dynamic area of intellectual property. Other topics depend upon the most pressing issues of the moment and may include privacy law; database protection; and current topics taken from the headlines, such as peer-to-peer services, the technologies of copy protection, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and other pending legislation.

ITP 6230. Patent Law. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the content and use of patents, their enforcement, and their use as a business tool. Covers the fundamentals of three types of patents (utility, design, and plant) and proceeds to the requirement for patentability and the minimum requirements of a patent application, provisional applications, statutory bars, infringement, litigation and remedies, defenses, licensing, and valuation. Other topics include antitrust aspects of patents (including standards bodies), international aspects of patent law (treaties, comparative law, etc.), utility of the International Trade Commission and the Customs Service, the patentablity of software, business methods, engineered life forms, genes, the attorney-client privilege, and ethical issues in patent practice.

ITP 6240. Business Aspects of Intellectual Property. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to understand business and property assets in order to properly manage intellectual property issues. Topics include UCC aspects of intellectual property (Article 2: Sale of Goods, Article 9: Secured Transactions), IP portfolio management, IP insurance, export law, due diligence in corporate transactions, venture capital aspects of IP, encryption and digital signatures, recent developments, and current topics.

ITP 6305. Technology Licensing. 4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to learn practical skills necessary for successful technology transfer in both academic and industrial sectors (focusing on the biopharmaceutical sector). Commercialization of technology from academia to industry occurs at the intersection of science, business, and law. Interdisciplinary skills are necessary for successful technology licensing. Since technology commercialization is a relatively new profession and training is primarily on the job, many professionals lack fundamental skills. This course emphasizes practice-oriented valuation of technology and intellectual property (IP); market research; and use of financial, legal (contract and licensing law), and scientific information for negotiation of technology licenses. Examines ethical considerations encountered in university-to-industry relations, such as conflict of interest, legal, and IP issues arising among government, academia, and industry.

ITP 6961. Internship. 1-4 Hours.

Provides students with an opportunity for internship work. May be repeated without limit.

ITP 6962. Elective. 1-4 Hours.

Offers elective credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. May be repeated without limit.

ITP 6964. Co-op. 0 Hours.

Provides eligible students with an opportunity for work experience.

ITP 6966. Practicum. 1-4 Hours.

Provides eligible students with an opportunity for practical experience.

ITP 6970. Seminar. 1-4 Hours.

Offers an in-depth study of selected topics.

ITP 6980. Capstone. 1-4 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to integrate their course work, knowledge, and experiences into a capstone project.

ITP 6983. Topics. 1-4 Hours.

Covers special topics in intellectual property. May be repeated without limit.

ITP 6995. Project. 1-4 Hours.

Focuses on in-depth project in which a student conducts research or produces a product related to the student’s major field. May be repeated without limit.