Italian - CPS Specialty (ITAL)

ITAL 1101. Elementary Italian 1. 3 Hours.

Designed for students with very little or no prior knowledge of Italian. Provides a lively introduction to basic oral expression, listening comprehension, and elementary reading and writing. The audiolingual approach, using practical vocabulary drawn from realistic situations, aims at good pronunciation and ease in response. Each lesson incorporates helpful information about daily life in Italy and the varied cultures within the world of Italian speakers.

ITAL 1102. Elementary Italian 2. 3 Hours.

Reviews and continues the study of grammar and basic Italian language skills. Offers progressively more intensive practice in oral and written communication.

ITAL 3101. Advanced Italian 1. 3 Hours.

Stresses the fundamentals of Italian to promote effective self-expression through speaking and writing and to explore the idiomatic aspects of the language. Through progressive class discussions and oral and written commentaries, students have an opportunity to analyze a contemporary Italian novel or an Italian cultural reader, screenplay, or collection of short stories. The course strives, first, to help students read and comprehend modern Italian writing with confidence and to be able to talk and write about it in good Italian; and second, to provide preparation for more advanced courses.