Hospitality Administration - CPS (HPA)

HPA 6010. Hospitality Budgeting and Financial Controls. 3 Hours.

Provides a strategic overview of the financial system within the hospitality industry. Topics include hospitality accounting systems and internal control, financial statement analysis and interpretation, operational analysis, cost behavior, budgeting and forecasting, pricing, and feasibility analysis. Focuses special attention on the Uniform Code of Accounts that is widely utilized by the industry.

HPA 6020. Cases in Hospitality Law. 3 Hours.

Examines legal implications of civil laws, areas of tort and contracts, along with the law and legal relationships that exist in the hospitality context. Also covers a real case law that has impacted the hospitality industry, its outcomes, and its current organization. Relies heavily on case studies and the analysis of those issues.

HPA 6030. Corporate Strategy for Hospitality. 3 Hours.

Focuses on the stage of the strategy process model devoted to putting the best strategy into action so that hospitality professionals will ensure successful results. Also explores why strategies fail in their implementation and how strategic control systems can ensure that strategic objectives are being met. Other topics include implementation of an action plan, building capabilities to manage stakeholder relationships, and organizational resources to implement and manage a strategy to create competitive advantage.

HPA 6040. Service Strategies in the Hospitality Industry. 3 Hours.

Focuses on the principles required to successfully manage in a service environment. Examines analysis, planning, and problem-solving strategies. Offers students an opportunity to improve their understanding of organizations in the service sector and to identify quality customer service. Also discusses the service revolution, the competitive edge, service strategies, and service evaluation. Emphasizes customer diversity related to providing high-quality service.

HPA 6050. Design Concepts for Hospitality. 3 Hours.

Introduces the importance of design considerations within all aspects of the hospitality industry while keeping an environmental and sustainability focus. Every touch point of a hospitality experience can be enhanced through the lens of design: construction, concept development, guest service, marketing, products, and the environment.

HPA 6060. Sustainable Operations and Planning. 3 Hours.

Covers the topic of infusing sustainability initiatives into all aspects of a hospitality operation through the use of case studies and planning exercises. Topics include the establishment of systems, development of training, and the provision of continuing education to guests. Offers students an opportunity to develop an understanding, vocabulary, and plan to support a new or existing sustainable facility that can be managed operationally and in an environmentally friendly manner.

HPA 6070. Contemporary Design and Sustainability Issues. 3 Hours.

Seeks to introduce and/or expand the knowledge base of students through an opportunity to design sustainability elements into a new, renovated, or refreshed facility through a variety of sustainability audit systems, including the Land Environment Economic Development (LEED) certification. Covers the associated costs and benefits of various levels of sustainability.

HPA 6080. Master’s Project. 3 Hours.

Focuses on an in-depth project in which the student conducts research or produces a product related to the student’s major field.