Digital Media - CPS Specialty (DGMD)

DGMD 1007. Designing Web Graphics. 3 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to understand electronic design and digital imaging for use in developing Web sites. Studies basic design theory, including visual elements, layout, and color theory as they pertain to electronic graphics and how to incorporate photograph-based images into electronic format. Topics include home page and secondary page design, rollovers, tiles backgrounds, usability, information architecture, navigation, interactivity, cross-platform and browser-safe colors, input techniques, creating buttons, and resolution. Uses a comparative approach to Web site design.

DGMD 1010. Game Design Fundamentals. 3 Hours.

Designed to provide a foundation in game design. Offers students an opportunity to learn the basic principles of game design through the creation of board and card games and to develop skills including graphic and written communication, rules logic, and group dynamics.

DGMD 1017. Digital Imaging Photography. 3 Hours.

Offers students an opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create or manipulate photographic imagery and to develop an understanding of the computer and how it can be used as an artist’s tool to sharpen their design skills. Visual artists must learn how to create digital images. Explores real-world digital imaging through discussion, demonstrations, and personal portfolio development. Students provide their own cameras.