Career Development - CPS (CDV)

CDV 0100. Personal Leadership and Career Development. 3 Hours.

Seeks to provide a forum for students to critically analyze and reflect on the connections between academic learning, personal skills, and career goals. Asks students to investigate the challenges, opportunities, standards, and implications of their career interests through self-reflection activities and industry research. Offers students an opportunity to engage in a portfolio assessment process designed to determine when the student is ready to engage in a work-based learning component. The goal is that, upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to identify leadership opportunities and techniques and have a personal career development plan outlining necessary steps to build educational credentials and relevant soft and hard skills.

CDV 0102. Career Readiness and Experiential Learning. 1-6 Hours.

Designed to provide a forum for students to investigate different careers and to report on the academic requirements, skills, and dispositions necessary for success in target industries. Offers students exposure to different industries and careers through course work, panel discussions, and industry site visits. May be repeated for up to 10 total credits.

CDV 0115. College and Career Exploration. 1.8 Hour.

Introduces the tools, techniques, methods, procedures, skills, and resources necessary for success in college and in the workplace. Topics include time management, study skills, navigating through college, diversity and social change, mind/body wellness, career exploration, work readiness, and fiscal planning.

CDV 0220. The College Experience 1. 1.2 Hour.

Introduces students to strategies for college success, with emphasis on time management, academic responsibility, note taking, test taking, and appropriate communication with professors and administrators. Explores in-depth the skills required for success in college. Challenges students to analyze their strengths and shortcomings as well as practice strategies for improvement. Restricted to Foundation Year students.

CDV 0225. The College Experience 2. 1.2 Hour.

Introduces students to the often complex systems existing on a college campus, and seeks to provide students with insight into negotiating and problem-solving challenges associated with financial aid, academic credit, academic standing, and major selection. The goal of the course is to demystify college systems and increase student knowledge and confidence about resources on campus and ways in which to access them. Restricted to Foundation Year students.

CDV 0230. The College Experience 3. 1.2 Hour.

Focuses on various aspects of the college transfer process, including credit transfer, financial aid, and housing. Emphasizes planning one’s approach to transitioning, with an emphasis on self-care and astute attention to detail. Restricted to Foundation Year students.